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Mens White Oxford Shirt

When you are looking for a button down shirt the first recommendation that you get is the white Oxford shirt. It is recommended to men of all body types and is one of the easiest known styles to pull off. In this article we are going to discuss about mens white Oxford shirt and the things that make it so special in formal and casual menswear.

Mens-White-Cotton-Shirt Dress shirts are the items that we are usually used to wear with the formal garments like suits and blazers. But there is a difference between the dress shirts and Oxford shirts and if you are a person whose work required you to suit up often then you should know the difference. A white dress shirt is a collared one which has stiff collars and long sleeves and is usually worn with suits and blazers. A white Oxford shirt might be easily mistaken as a type of dress shirt but it differs in some aspects with the usual dress shirts. The white Oxford shirts have a button down type collar. This means that the shirt collars will have a buttons by which you can button down the sides of the collars. This will prevent the collars from curling up, moving around or disappearing below the collars of the jacket. The white Oxford shirts will have a basket weave structure and is made of Oxford cloth. The lustrous look of this cloth and weave makes it one of the most popular choices for dress shirts.

The mens white Oxford shirts are a versatile choice that you can pair with both formal and casual garments. You can easily wear the white Oxford shirts with suits and blazers but they also look equally good when paired with casual garments. You should select the details on the white Oxford shirts depending on the purpose of the garment and how you are intending to use it. For example if you are going for a formal style you can opt for classic white Oxford shirts. For a casual style you can opt for mens white Oxford short sleeve shirts.

When you go with the mens white Oxford shirts you are selecting a versatile colored shirt that you can wear to any event. With slight styling changes you can create a completely different outfit and style. Here are some styling tips that we consider to be some of the best.

White-Modern-Fit-Dress-Shirt mens-windowpane-dress-shirt

For a formal look that you can wear to work you can pair the button down mens white Oxford shirt with a navy suit and black leather Oxford dress shoes. But we recommend you go with casual and smart casual styles of white Oxford shirts for a better look. For example you can pair the mens white Oxford classic shirtwith a notch lapel suit but you can lose the tie to create a middle of the road look. You can also simply wear the white Oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up with a pair of your favorite jeans.

As for pairing the mens white Oxford shirt with a blazer you can take a little risk with the colors since white is a neutral one that can balance the look easily. For a perfect summer vibe you can pair an unlined or partially lined brown blazer with the mens white Oxford shirt and your favorite pair of chinos. For a smart casual look you can pair the white Oxford shirt with a blue blazer and white chinos. You can also go with layers when it comes to mens white Oxford shirt. A gray blazer paired with a white Oxford shirt, orange v neck sweater and dark green chinos is a sophisticated look.

As for suits go with smart casual look. A light gray suit paired with a mens white Oxford shirt and white canvas low top sneakers is a great rooftop party look for the upcoming summer. An aquamarine suit paired with a long sleeve white Oxford shirt and black leather tassel loafers give you a dressier look. The two contrasting colors work well together and give you a elegant look.

mens-white-oxford-shirt As for a casual style you can easily pair the white Oxford shirt with jeans. You can opt to go with long sleeve mens white dress shirt or short sleeve ones depending on the style you are opting for. For a layered look you can pair the long sleeve white Oxford shirt with a striped t-shirt and your favourite pair of jeans. You can add styling pieces like sunglasses and white and brown low top sneakers to further enhance the laid back look. As for mens white short sleeve shirts you can opt to go with patterned ones for a casual look. For example a mens white Oxford polka dot shirt paired with white chinos gives you a summer vibe. For formal styles go with mens white Oxford striped shirt or mens white Oxford window pane shirt.

The fit of the white Oxford shirt matters a lot since it influences the look you are sporting to a great deal. When you pair the shirt with formal clothing like suits and blazers it is best to go with mens white Oxford slim fit shirt since the perfect fit will not affect the fit of the structured jacket you wear on top. But for casual use you can opt to go with slightly roomier fits like classic fit white Oxford shirt. This gives you a cool vibe that can aid greatly when you pair the shirt with jeans or chinos. If you are not convinced with the above fits try out the mens white Oxford big and tall shirt. Since the Oxford shirt is woven in a basket weave pattern they are soft and comfortable. They are also less prone to wrinkling compared to other fabrics. Also the white Oxford shirts are of heavier fabric and this means that they are resilient and durable when maintained right.