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Red Dress Shirts

Red is a color that is insanely famous but when it comes to clothing it is one of the most avoided colors. This is especially true for formal clothing and this may be due to the fact that most think that the bold color is hard to pull off. But the key lies in properly selecting the garment and then styling it. One of our recommendations for the red clothing is the red dress shirts and here are some details that will help you perfectly style it.
Mens red Shirt
There are a lot of ways in which you can style a red dress shirt. Some think of red dress shirts to be a risky fashion choice but when you style it right it is one of the easiest styles to pull off. When you are styling the red dress shirts there are some details that you will have to note for a better fashion like the fabric, shade, fit and many more. When you spend some time on the details then you can easily pull off the look without straining too much. Here are some of the styling tips for the red dress shirts as per the details that we think are best.

First of all the material of the red dress shirts influence the quality and the look that you are sporting. For a formal look you can pair the red cotton dress shirt with a gray suit and a black vertical striped tie. The cotton red dress shirts are the ones that are most recommended for pairing with formal garments like suits and blazers since it is a breathable material and can work well when worn with many layers. When paired with features like French cuffs and a button down collar it can give you a elegant look. Other than the 100% cotton shirts you can try out the blend of cotton and polyester red dress shirts when you need a cheaper one. These shirts are less breathable but are suitable if you are a person who works in an air conditioned building.

For a smart casual look you can pair the linen red dress shirt with a light brown suit and a pair of black leather tassel loafers. This is a look you can easily sport for any summer event. Linen is a great summer material and is mostly preferred for semi formal and casual events. This is because of the fact that linen tends to wrinkle easily and thus is avoided for formal use. If you are attending a beach wedding or a summer party then try out the linen red dress shirt fashion.

For a more dressy style you can go with silk red dress shirts and red shiny satin dress shirts. The sheen of these materials is further enhanced by the rich look of red and these shirts are best suited for special occasions where you don't mind being the center of attention. A black suit paired with a silk red dress shirt and patent black leather Oxfords is a classic look that is hard to ignore.

Light red ShirtMens red Full Sleeve ShirtMens Shiny red ShirtShiny red Shirt

The next thing that we will have to note about the red dress shirts is the fit. A red slim fit dress shirt paired with a white double breasted blazer and black dress pants gives you a classy look. For a modern twist to the style you can add a pair of brown leather derby shoes. For a smart casual look you can pair the slim fit red dress shirt with light blue pants and a burgundy print tie. Whether be it a formal or semi formal look make sure to go with slim fit red dress shirts. Only if you go with a casual style the classic fit red dress shirts are recommended. In the same way it is best to go with long sleeve red dress shirts when you pair them with formal garments like suits and blazers. Short sleeve red dress shirts are best reserved for casual use.

A long sleeve red dress shirt paired with a navy three piece suit and a navy striped tie is a nice contrasting look. For these formal looks it is best to go with French cuff red dress shirts with the cuff showing from the sleeve of the suit jacket. Dark muted shades of red dress shirts are recommended for formal use while the brighter shades can be used for casual use.
Striped red Shirt
The collar on the red dress shirt is one detail that should be carefully noted since collar frames the face and brings attention to it.Red Button down dress shirt is the one that is most preferred for formal use with suits and blazers. Other than this you can try out wing collar red dress shirt and ruffled red dress shirt when you need a dressy look. For a distinct look you can try out the collarless red dress shirt look.

A mandarin collar red dress shirt paired with white dress pants is a cool summer look. V neck red dress shirts are best suited for a laid back casual look. Other than the red classic dress shirt look you can try out different choices like patterned shirts. There are a lot of patterns available and you should select the one that best suits your need.

A checked red dress shirt paired with a black blazer and black knit tie is a great look for a casual day at your office. A striped red dress shirt paired with gray plaid wool three piece suit and black tie is a great formal look that you can effortlessly put together. Other than these you can go with windowpane red dress shirts for a formal look. For a casual style you can pair the navy velvet suit with a polka dot red dress shirt and a pair of navy velvet loafers. A floral red dress shirt paired with beige pants is a great look for any casual event. Paisley red dress shirts and plaid red dress shirts are some other styles you can try.