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Mens Floral Dress Shirts

Mens fashion is constantly evolving with the relaxed office wear and athleisure movements. With all these happening one of the styles that has managed to capture the hearts of men is the mens floral dress shirts. While the floral dress shirts are an obvious choice for pool parties and vacations when you style it right you can easily include them into your weekly rotation. Here is everything that you need to know about the mens floral dress shirts and the styling options available.

When it comes to floral dress shirts it is basically a casual style and thus you can experiment and have fun with it a little. Most men tend to avoid the brighter and catchier styles since they are concerned with looking masculine rather than looking fashionable. But with floral dress shirts try to start with slightly darker colors and then progress on to the brighter more prominent designs when you start to feel comfortable. This flexibility is a new found luxury since till some years prior the shirts were only available in bold Hawaiian shirts style. The progress of the designs in darker and subdued prints gives it a whole new twist as opposed to the one tacky look that we reserved for vacations.

As for the tips the first thing that we insist on is to start slow if you are new to the style. Go with darker shades and smaller prints that will blend in well with the outfit. Navy mens floral dress shirt paired with black jeans is a great way to start off the style. Pair it with a black and white sneakers to complete the look. Long sleeve floral dress shirts are the ones that you can go with when you need a versatile style. You can wear them with both formal and casual styles. For example a long sleeve mens floral dress shirt paired with a teal suit is a fail safe way for sophistication. But you can style the same shirt with the sleeves rolled up halfway with navy jeans for a laid back look. When you get the floral dress shirts that you want to pair with the suits and blazers it is best to go with floral slim fit mens dress shirts. The fitted style will give you a balanced look when paired with structured garments like suits and blazers.

But if you are going with the casual style try out the short sleeve mens floral dress shirts.floral Dark blue mens dress shirt paired with olive chinos and white and red leather low top sneakers is a great look for a modern gent. You can also style the garment as layers. A navy and black mens floral dress shirt paired with black crew neck t-shirt and white ripper denim shorts is a cool style for the summer. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather sandals. For a more sophisticated look you can pair the white mens floral dress shirt with white crew neck t-shirt and light blue jeans. To add a classy look you can pair with the ensemble white canvas low top sneakers.

mens-pink-dress-shirtMens-Navy-Fiber-Dress-Shirt When you style the mens floral dress shirts make sure that you aim for a balanced look. The floral dress shirts will give your outfit a busier look and thus you can go with solid colored pants that match the color of the floral dress shirt. But remember to select a subdued color from the different colors available in the dress shirt. For example if you are going with blue and yellow mens floral dress shirt then pair it with blue pants and yellow low top sneakers for a coordinated look.

When you are comfortable with the mens floral dress shirt style you can try out the brighter and bolder colors. For safely pulling off the style you can pair the bright floral dress shirts with neutral subdued shades of dress pants. For example you can style the floral red mens dress shirt with a pair of white or off white jeans and a pair of white sneakers. This balanced look will make the floral dress shirts be the center piece and thus a great look for summertime activities. A light blue mens floral dress shirt paired with gray chinos and white canvas low top sneakers is an ensemble of expert styling.

When you are looking for floral dress shirts that you can wear to vacations you can go with fun ones like Hawaiian prints. Go for bright colors that will match the fun of the prints. A floral pink mens dress shirt paired with blue denim shorts gives your outfit a fun modern spin. To add a classy feel to the ensemble go with a pair of light blue canvas loafers.

As for the shoes that you wear with the mens floral dress shirts make sure to color coordinate them to achieve a perfect look. For a dressy look you can pair the black mens floral dress shirt with tobacco chinos, white tank and brown suede tassel loafers. A white and brown mens floral dress shirt paired with tan shorts and dark brown leather loafers is a smart look for beach parties. For a laid back look you can pair the blue mens dress shirt with a pair of white chinos and blue leather sandals. If you are confused about selecting the color of your shoes go with the most subtle color that is available on the floral dress shirt you are wearing.

When you start to feel comfortable with the floral dress shirts style you can try introducing other prints and patterns like camo and polka dots to it. While combining patterns make sure you create good distinction between them by varying the scale of the prints or the colors. There are a lot of new designs to try out like floral mandarin collar mens dress shirts and v neck mens floral dress shirts.