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Striped Dress Shirt For Sale

Fashion world is an ever changing one and the trends come and go all the time. Some tend to reiterate every few years and one such style that seems to hold on to mens fashion for a long time is the striped shirts. The classic style is back in trend and here is everything that you need to know about it.

The stripes have been one of favorite patterns especially in menswear. It is seen on almost every garment starting from suits to shorts. The versatile pattern is the best since you can easily step it up and down as per your requirement. Also they give you a slimming look that is most favored by the younger generation. There are lot of types in stripes available in the market and you can select the one that best suits your taste.

When it comes to formal striped shirts pinstripes are most preferred. They give you a subtle look that is great for work atmospheres. The slim pattern comes with thin stripes places close together so much so that it looks like a solid dress shirt from the distance.Blue striped dress shirt paired with a navy suit and navy knit tie is a good formal attire. Pair it with black leather Oxfords for completing the look.
The advantage with the striped shirts is that you can use them as formal and casual garments based on your preference. A white striped shirt paired with a beige suit and white canvas low top sneakers is a great semi formal look that you can wear to summer weddings. You can style the same white striped shirt with a beige crew neck sweater, navy chinos and gray overcoat. Complete the smart casual look with a pair of brown suede casual boots. You can also style the shirt with your favorite pair of jeans or chinos for a laid back casual look.
For a casual style you can try to go with slightly thicker stripes that are placed wide apart than the pinstripes. These casual stripes dress shirts can be paired with suits and blazers or casual garments like jeans based on your preference. A chalk striped dress shirt paired with a pink suit and brown leather Brogues is a foolproof option when you want to look smart. You can also go with a blue striped shirt paired with tan blazer, white dress pants and dark brown tie when you need a classy look. Add a beige wool hat and a pair of dark brown suede loafers to complete the look. These football stripes are best for casual summer styles and party look. You can also try out the alternating wide and narrow striped shirts.

Black striped shirt paired with a gray suit and brown geometric tie is a awesome look for a modern gent. You can add a pair of black leather tassel loafers to complete the ensemble.Green striped dress shirt paired with a tan blazer, dark green chinos and dark green tie is a classic and casual combination that can make you look seriously stylish. You can round off the look by adding a pair of brown leather Oxford shoes. For a smart casual look you can pair the black striped shirt with a white blazer and charcoal ripped jeans. You can add a black tie and dark brown suede Chelsea boots for a balanced look.

When you wear the striped shirts with other striped garments make sure that the patterns do not clash too much. Never go for the same pattern on two garments worn together. A chalk stripe three piece suit paired with pinstriped dress shirt might work when styled right. Go with a wide black tie and an olive parka to aid the stylish look. A gray striped shirt paired with a gray plaid vest and charcoal skinny jeans is a good pick for relaxed casual look. Step up the look by adding a pair of black suede tassel loafers to the ensemble.

The striped shirt is originally a formal look and thus looks great when paired with any double breasted garments. A white striped shirt paired with gray double breasted blazer, black polka dot tie and a gray scarf is a guaranteed elegant look. If you think that the double breasted blazer or suit jacket is too much then you can opt to go with double breasted vest paired with single breasted blazer or suit jackets. A dark brown check blazer paired with gray plaid double breasted vest, navy striped dress shirt and dark brown paisley tie is a coordinated savvy look. The striped shirts also look good when paired with textured garments and you can use this to your advantage. Most people have difficulties while styling the tweed garments. A burgundy striped dress shirt paired with light blue tweed blazer, olive double breasted vest and dark brown tie is a sleek elegant ensemble.

When you need to get a casual look with the striped shirt try to go with roomier ones like classic fit striped shirts. A white and black striped dress shirt paired with white t-shirt and black dress pants is a casual weekend look. Add a pair of black leather loafers to up the style factor of the ensemble. When it is for a formal style always go with striped dress slim fit shirts.

As for the material most of the times it is recommended to go with striped dress cotton shirts. They are lightweight and can keep a person cool even when worn with layers like sweaters and suit jackets. A beige striped shirt paired with gray three piece suit and charcoal tie is a great tonal look. Linen striped shirts are the ones recommended when you need a summer garment that you can wear while travelling or casual parties. For dressy events you can go with silk striped shirts or shiny satin striped shirts.