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Light Purple Suit

One of the most underutilized colors in menswear is purple. This may be due to the fact that the color is viewed as unmanly and many men are still not aware of the shades available in purple. You can select the shade that suits your purpose the best. In this article we are going to discuss about light purple suits and some tips on how to style them best.

Purple in early times was viewed as a royal color and was mostly reserved for kings and elites. Apart from the fact that it has a rich look to it, the purple dye was hard to manufacture and thus it was considered to be precious. But today the scientific processes have made the manufacturing process easier and thus you can easily include the purple color in your wardrobe. The dark purple suit is mostly used for formal events while the light purple suit can be used for semi formal and casual events.

Two-Buttons-Wool-Lavender-Suit The light purple Men's suit gives you a clean look that will definitely brighten up your appearance. The light purple suit is also a versatile garment that can transform according to your styling. With more and more men embracing the so called unconventional colors it is time that we start to make use of the versatile purple color. As for the details involved in selecting the light purple Men's suit it is best if you give it some time and pick it with care.

For example if it is for a semi formal event you can go with light purple wool suit. These suits are the best since they are breathable and comfortable. A light purple Men's suit paired with a crisp white dress shirt and a red tie is a great look for any semi formal event. You can complete the look with a pair of cognac leather shoes. It can also be styled for formal events when the dress code permits.

The light purple Men's suit is more on the casual side because of its lighter shade. Thus they are mostly recommended for warmer seasons like summer and spring. The lighter and brighter shades blend well with the natural light while the gloomy seasons like winter will make them pop out too much. The wool suits might feel too stuffy for the warmer seasons and thus you can instead go with lightweight fabrics. When you need a formal replacement you can go with light purple cotton suits. They are lighter and more breathable than the wool suits, keeping you comfortable for the hot days.

Two-Buttons-Wool-Lavender-Suit On the contrary when you need a garment that you can style to semi formal and casual events like beach weddings you can go with linen light purple Men's suits. They perform better than the cotton suits but they tend to wrinkle easily which makes people avoid using them as formal garments. A linen light purple Men's suit with a white dress shirt and a purple silk tie is a good style for the groom. When you need to stand out from the crowd you can go with light purple shawl lapel suit since they are considered to be a dressy style.

People who like a luxurious feel to the outfit can go with silk light purple Men's suit or light purple velvet suit. When you go with silk suits you can also try out the patterned ones for a distinct style. Paisley light purple suits and floral light purple Men's suits are the ones that are most recommended for special occasions. For cheap light purple suits you can go with synthetic ones like polyester light purple suits and rayon light purple suits. They are less expensive than the natural fabrics but the properties are also affected.

When you need to hike up your formal look you can go with a light purple 3 piece suit. The vested light purple suit style will give you an air of seriousness and will make you look dressed up even without the jacket. A three piece light purple Men's suit with white button down shirt and black patent leather shoes is a great look for any formal event. If you want a slightly different look you can try out the windowpane light purple Men's suits or striped light purple Men's suits. A windowpane light purple Men's suit with a checkered purple shirt, purple polka dot tie is a great smart casual look. If you think the event is more on the casual side for the 3 piece suit you can ditch the vest and go with the 2 piece light purple suit.

Black and white works well with purple and you can use this while styling the light purple Men's suit. For a classic style you can pair the peak lapel light purple Men's suit with a white shirt and a black tie. But if the event is a relaxed one you can pair the notch lapel light purple Men's suit with a black satin shirt and a black polka dot tie. If you want a stylish laid back look you can go with single breasted light purple suit paired with a white polka dot dress shirt and a multicolor floral tie. The light purple double breasted suit is a more formal style and thus you will have to style it accordingly. A double breasted light purple Men's suit paired with a white dress shirt and a black skinny tie is a classy look.

white suitTwo-Buttons-Wool-Lavender-Suitmens-suitsmens-dress-suits

The light purple Men's suits have captured the hearts of the younger generation especially. A slim fit light purple suit paired with a black silk shirt and a purple solid tie is a good rock and roll look. For a more relaxed look you can pair the skinny fit light purple Men's suit with a white turtleneck and white canvas high top sneakers. The light purple classic fit suits are roomier than the above styles and can be selected when you need to be in the outfit the whole day. For a cool semi formal look you can pair the classic fit light purple Men's suit with your favorite t-shirt.