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Zoot Suit

Modern Fit Suits

Purchasing for a suit can turn to be a little intimidating especially if you are doing it for the first time. There are a lot of styles, fits and colors to choose from which can leave a person confused. One of the main factors that you will have to note while purchasing for the suit is the fit. Not everyone can afford the custom made suits everytime and thus it is best to know about the fits available in off the rack suits. In this article we discuss about modern fit suits and some ways on how best to style it.

Modern fit suits are the ones that are designed to suit a wide range of body types and thus are more flexible when compared with skinny fit suits and slim fit suits. The modern fit suits is the perfect middle of the road look between the slim fit suits and classic fit suits. If you are not very comfortable with the slim fit suits but still do not want to go with the roomier design of classic fit suits the modern fit suits should be the choice you make. They deliver a tight look but also leave a little breathing room. You can wear the modern fit suits to almost any occasion if you get the material and color right.

The shoulders of the modern fit suit jackets are slightly trim and they are designed to fit closer to the chest and body. The jackets also have higher armholes thus giving you a tighter yet comfortable fit. This gives a softer shoulder line when compared to that of classic fit suits. The waist portion of the modern fit suit jackets is straighter when compared with the ones of slim fit suits. The chest to waist ratios of modern fit suit jacket is said to be 6 inches or less whole it is 7 inches or more for slim fit suit jackets. The slender look of the modern fit suit jacket is further enhanced with the slim cut sleeves that taper at each cuff.

As for the pants of the modern fit suits they are roomier than the slim fit ones. They provide room near the thighs and calves while the slim fit pants have a slimmer fit of thighs and legs. If you are a person with thick legs and thighs you can go with modern fit suits while the slim fit suits are best for men with slim legs. The waistband of the modern fit suit pants sits slightly below the waist while the classic fit ones sit properly at the waist.

The material from which the suits are made also greatly influence the fit of the suit. For example the modern fit wool suits drape well compared to the lightweight materials. The slightly heavy nature of the wool material will accentuate your body features making it more noticeable. If you feel that wool suits are too bulky then you can go with blends of wool with cotton or silk.

When you need a casual or semi formal garment you can go with modern fit linen suits. The linen suits might be stiff at the start but will give a great lived in look with use. Cotton modern fit suits are a good lightweight alternative to the wool modern fit suits. When you need a dressy look you can try to go with silk modern fit suits or velvet modern fit suits. When you need a budget buy you can opt for synthetic ones like polyester modern fit suits and rayon modern fit suits. They might not be very comfortable like the natural fabrics but you can get it at a cheaper price.

When you need a formal look you can go with modern fit 3 piece suits. The vest of the 3 piece suit should be properly fitting to the body of the wearer since it can influence the fit of the suit jacket. You should also check the fit of the dress shirt you are wearing with the 3 piece suit. If the fit of the shirt is loose the fabric will bunch near the arms and thus will create an undesirable look when worn under a jacket. 2 piece modern fit suits are the ones that are best for almost all occasions. You can wear it to almost all events be it formal or casual.

Another main thing that you will have to note while selecting the suits is the color. For formal use you should go with darker colors. Navy modern fit suits and charcoal gray modern fit suits are the ones that are most recommended for work related events. Black modern fit suits are the best for strictly formal events. For semi formal and casual purposes you can try out the lighter and brighter colors.Modern fit Light blue suits and gray modern fit suits are some of the recommendations for lighter colored suits.

The thing with lighter and brighter suits is that they will draw more attention towards the wearer. Thus when it comes to lighter and brighter suits you should focus more on the fit of the suits. Make sure that you get the right fit that will complement your body type well but at the same time in which you will also feel most comfortable in.

As for the type of the modern fit suits you can choose it depending on the nature of the event. Single breasted modern fit suits are the most versatile style of suits you can find. You can easily style these suits to almost any events. You can wear the single breasted modern fit suits with shirt and tie for office but when you lose the tie you can wear them to a party or a bar. You can swap the dress shirt with a t-shirt or a turtleneck for a casual look. But when it comes to modern fit double breasted suits it is best to reserve them for formal events.

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