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Double Pleated Slacks

When we style our garment we tend to focus more on the upper side like dress shirts and jackets compared to the pants. But a perfect outfit also needs a great style on your waist. Wearing trousers on the hips that look like they are likely to fall off any second was the most prominent style for a long time. But in recent times the trousers have come back to the mens natural waist and with this classic style the double pleated Men's slacks are also back in trend. Here is everything you need to know about the double pleated slacks and some styling tips that will help you when you decide to try the style.

Mens-Navy-Dress-Pants There is a common misconception that the double pleated Men's slacks are the style of old men. Yes it is a vintage style but was a prominent one that is lost upon men only for some time with the usage of flat fronted trousers. So clear your prejudice about the double pleated Men's slacks and try to have an open mind about the style.

The major reason for the comeback of the double pleated Men's slacks is the comfort factor it offers. The skin tight skinny fit trousers sure look good but imagining them as your daily workwear will definitely leave you with a cold sweat. But this is not the case with the double pleated slacks since they are comfortable to wear and will offer volume in the seat of the wearer. They also look neat making them a perfect choice for formal wear.

For people who don't know a pleat is a fold and the double pleated Men's slacks have two pleats on the trousers. The tiny tuck of this fold will add extra material to the garment. This helps a great deal with the male body since the waist and the thigh portion tends to be narrower than the buttocks. Also when you sit the flat fronted slacks tend to pull at the sides making squatting down near to impossible. But with the double pleated Men's slacks the folds give you the extra space thus making moving around in them easier.

The flat fronted trousers were first created during the war times when the raw materials were rationed and all the extra garments like vests were cut off from use. This stuck on to be the trend nowadays but the insufficient seat space still tend to be a problem. Double pleated Men's slacks are a good solution for this and they also fit snugly at the waist of the wearer thus making the fit to look perfect.

The double pleated Men's slacks come in two basic styles. The forward double pleated Men's slacks have the pleats folded towards the pockets and this design is preferred by the English tailors. The next style is the reverse double pleated slacks and in these the pleats are folded towards the pockets. This style is mostly preferred by the Italian tailors. When you need a neat style that you can wear as formal garment the forward double pleated Men's slacks are recommended. If you are a big person and you need looser style of pants then reverse double pleated Men's slacks are recommended.

As for styling tips on the double pleated Men's slacks here are some ideas that we think are great. Pleats is a traditional style but you can easily dress them down when required. For a summer look you can pair the double pleated blue slacks with a floral Cuban collar shirt worn over a white t-shirt. You can add a pair of white sneakers to complete the look. You can also wear the double pleated burgundy slacks with a classic striped t-shirt for a trendy look.

As for the fabric of the double pleated Men's slacks it is recommended for you to start with lighter ones and then progress into the heavier ones. This is because of the fact that the heavy materials like flannel and wool can create a look of volume that is further enhanced with the presence of pleats. Thus it is better to start with lighter ones like double pleated linen slacks for casual use and cotton double pleated slacks for formal use. When you go with winter fabrics you can opt to go with cuffs on the double pleated Men's slacks that will give you a trimmer look.

mens-blue-dress-pants As for the color of the double pleated Men's slacks go with darker ones when you want a formal style and lighter ones for smart casual and casual look. The charcoal gray double pleated Men's slacks paired with white dress shirt, olive green blazer and purple tie is a great look for a casual day at office. You can complete the look with a pair of brown leather Oxford shoes. Other than this you can also go with the double pleated light gray slacks paired with a light gray vest, white dress shirt and charcoal gray tie for a formal look.

When you need a smart casual look you can pair the double pleated light blue slacks with a dark blue dress shirts and dark blue blazer. Complete the shaded look with a pair of brown suede loafers. The olive green double pleated slacks paired with light gray t-shirt and tan peacoat is a great look for a casual day with your friends. When you need a distinct look you can pair the double pleated navy blue slacks with a white Oxford shirt layered with an orange sweater. The fit of the double pleated slacks matters a lot and thus make sure you select the right length, inseam and waist size that will make for a comfortable fit. The pleats on your double pleated Men's slacks could lie flat when you are standing. If you are pulling along the sides when you are standing then know that the pants are tight and go for a slightly looser fit. When you need a modern look go with tapered look of the double pleated Men's slacks. Make sure that the double pleated slacks narrows towards the ankle and remains narrow.