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Satin Stripe Pants

Satin Stripe Pants

If you are thinking that the satin striped trousers are way out of style then it's time to think again. While there may be a lot of new styles that come into the market everyday, nothing can replace the dinner suit or tuxedo. This standard black tie style has long been the symbol of elegance and sophistication. While this is a time when it is slightly neglected the garment's long history proves that they have withstood a long test of time so expect them not to ho anywhere soon.

The one thing that differentiates the normal suit from the tuxedo is the satin. In the tuxedo jacket the lapels are faced with either satin or any other luxury fabric while in suit jackets this is not present. Also the trousers of the tuxedo pants have satin stripes that run all along the length of the each leg on the sides. In some pants this may be present as two thin stripes instead of one thick stripe. The material of these stripes match the facing on the lapels of the jacket..

While the satin in the lapels of the jacket is obviously put there to to create a luxurious feel to the outfit which is the main purpose of the tuxedo, the satin stripes on the pants also denote the sophistication since they are put there to hide the seams of the pants thus creating a clean look. This style is not new and also can be seen in some military uniforms. This pants when together with the tuxedo jacket gives a elevated look that is hard to rival. But if you aren't a fan then you can also pair them with blazers thus creating a balance of the outfit. If the pants are made of a less flashy material like grosgrain you can wear the pants as even office wear..

This style is also greatly adopted into casual styles. While Adidas adopted this style way before it only became popular last decade. They adopted the side stripes into the casual style of track pants with elastic cuffs. This style soon picked up and got incorporated into every kind of outfit even in women's fashion. .

This style has a wide reach since they usually suit every body shape and also caters to everyone's fashion taste. This is the cleanest and probably simplest detail that you can add to your pants without much of a fuss. It adds a twist to the otherwise monotonous garment thus making it transformative. This stripes that usually run from the waistband to the hem creates the illusion of longer legs especially if the stripes are in contrasting colors to the color of the pants. This breaks the monotonous color of the pants without much effort and also gaining a nod in fashion..

This style is also timeless especially the satin striped pants which can be easily paired with any formal outfits. The casual stripes also come in different fits so that you can use them with different styles.

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