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Midnight Blue Mens Suit

midnight blue dinner jacket Dark shades of suits have always been a favorite among the professional men. Navy and charcoal suits make up for most of the wardrobe especially if you are a person who suits up for work on a daily basis. But if you are bored with the navy and would like to try a variation but within the accepted standards then you should opt to go with midnight blue suits. Here is everything that you need to know about midnight blue suits and some styling tips on them.

For people who don't know midnight blue is a color is a dark shade of blue that is said to resemble the night sky around the full moon. It is also considered to be a darker shade of indigo. The blue pinstripe suits give a rich and sophisticated feel to the wearer. The midnight blue tuxedos are even accepted to the black tie events. There was a time in history when the midnight blue tuxedos were more preferred than the black tuxedos.

The midnight blue suits can look like black when it is under limited spectra light or artificial lighting but give out the rich blue color when it is under full spectrum light or natural light. This made the people more inclined towards midnight blue tuxedos since black tuxedos would look dull under natural lighting. Thus midnight blue suits are versatile garments that you can wear to both day and evening events. If you are thinking of getting a midnight blue suit here are some tips that we think will help you make the right pick.

The first thing is to check the quality of the linen suit that you are going to purchase. Since it is a suit that comes under the formal category there are many chances that you wear it often. Thus the midnight blue suit that you buy should be comfortable and at the same time durable. To ensure the best performance you first need to check the material of the suit that you are buying. Wool midnight blue suits are the ones that you can select when you look for a suit that you can wear to your regular office day. These wool midnight blue suits are soft and comfortable thus making you relaxed through the whole day. Also the slightly heavy fabric will drape on the wearer better and thus the fit of the wool midnight blue suits are always impeccable when properly tailored.

If you are a person who sweats much then wool suits might start to feel stuffy even before the official start of the summer. For the hot days you can go with lightweight fabrics that can keep you cool through the day. Cotton midnight blue suits are the lightweight ones that are best for office use. They are lighter and breathable but the draping can be affected by its weight. For semi formal and casual events you can try out the Dark navy blue suits. These suits have excellent summer properties even when compared to cotton but they wrinkle easily making them undesirable for formal atmospheres.

midnight blue tuxedo blazer As for fancy events you can opt to go with silk midnight blue suits and velvet midnight blue tuxedos. The dark shade of the suit works great when paired with the luxurious fabrics and give you a rich classy look. You can opt to go with royal patterned ones like paisley midnight blue suits and floral midnight blue suits when you want a look that stands out from the crowd. The natural fabrics might be a little costly and if it exceeds your budget you can try to go with synthetic ones like Royal suit or rayon midnight blue mens suits. With low cost comes a different kind of price. While the natural fabric suits will feel comfortable to be in and long lasting the synthetic ones might not be up to the mark in comfort area and are never made to last for a long time.

Other than these luxurious patterns you can also go with plaid midnight blue suits and striped midnight blue suits when you need a little more formal type of garment. The dark shade of the midnight blue mens suits makes the patterns on it subtle to look and for formal use go with the suits that look like a solid one from a distance.

 blue mens suits As for styling the Navy blue pinstripe suits you need to follow some basic steps and then use the fashion sense of your own. Here are some ideas that will help you understand the current trend. The easiest outfit to style and also to pull off is to go with single breasted midnight blue suit paired with a white dress shirt and a navy striped tie. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. For a still more formal look you can swap the single breasted suit with a double breasted midnight blue suit. The double breasted midnight blue suits are considered to be more formal and are the best for boardroom meetings and formal dinner events.

If you are bored with the white dress shirts then try to swap them with light blue dress shirts or light pink dress shirts since blue works well with almost all colors. The dark color of the midnight blue suits is a advantage since you can easily style them for almost all events. A 3 piece midnight blue suit with a dress shirt is a good look when you attend a formal wedding. You can lose the vest and style the same suit as 2 piece midnight blue mens suit with a floral shirt for casual events like parties.

The fit of the midnight blue matters a lot since it influences the overall look. Try to go with slimmer styles like skinny fit midnight blue mens suits and slim fit midnight blue mens suits for a sleek look.