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French Blue Suit

Blue is one color that can never go wrong when it comes to mens suits. You will see men getting married, attend job interviews and go crazy at parties all in slight variations of this color. What better to explain its versatility than its longevity. The major reason that it has survived all these years is because it is ambiguous. It is not serious like the black suit norsombre as the grey suit. It is the perfect blend of stylishness and professionalism making it an obvious choice by people irrespective of the age and class. It also looks good on any skin tones and works well with almost any color. It actually blends according to the atmosphere and hence it is easier to bend it according to your will whether be it corporate, dandy or casual.

The basics you will have to note is the shade and the fit. The fit of the French blue suit should be perfect and that which complements your body shape. A cheap well fitted outfit is always better than an expensive ill fitted one. Therefore before trying to spend hundreds on the fabric focus on getting the right fit whether you get it from a shop or online sites. Not everyone has the budget and time to go with tailored suits. If you are getting the French blue suit from a nearby store then make sure that you try them on before getting it. If you are planning to wear them over layers make.sure to wear them while going for shopping so that you can find the right fit while trying it on. If you go with online sites then make sure that you get your measurements right check them with the size chart provided and then order the correct fit. If you do not have measurements try to do it on your own or go to your tailor and get them done.

Now if you want to keep your outfit professional then stick with darker shades of blue. Pair them.with light colored shirts or white ones and a professional footwear like Oxfords and you are ready to attend your office meeting.

For a more casual setting go with lighter and brighter shades like the French blue. These colors work the best in summer and look great under the light. You can also trade the shirt with a plain t-shirt for a more cool look. For a more smart casual look pair the summer suit with a roll neck sweater or a subtly patterned shirt or t-shirt and complete the look with loafers.

Apart from the usual shades of blue other brighter, richer and punchier shades of this color is becoming increasingly famous especially among the younger generation. Some of these are powder blue, light blue sky blue and the French blue. These French blue suits are great even with stripes since blue is one of the best colors that look good in patterns. Whatever be the color the right shade can influence the feel of you outfit in a great way.