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Double Breasted Tuxedos

The tuxedos are the bastions of timeless style and have been the basics of the most formal dress codes known in mens fashion. The tuxedos have managed to stay in style with little to no changes from its time of origin. This is fascinating when you consider the century old history of the tuxedos. But with time there are various styles of tuxedos that have entered mens fashion and one among them is the double breasted tuxedos. Here is everything that you need to know about the garment and how to style it.

Double breasted Men's tuxedos are not necessarily a new style and have been in history for a long time. It is just that they aren't very popular when compared with their single breasted counterparts. For people who don't know the double breasted Men's tuxedos gave two rows of buttons and are thicker than the single breasted tuxedos. The double breasted garments are considered to be more formal than the single breasted ones in recent times. But in the early time the double breasted Men's tuxedos were considered to be casual replacements for the single breasted tuxedos.

The double breasted Men's tuxedos nowadays are preferred for the most formal events and thus mostly are avoided. Single breasted tuxedos are more versatile hence if you are getting your first tuxedo it is better to go with single breasted ones. But when you need a distinct look that will make you stand out from the crowd it is best to go with double breasted Men's tuxedos. When you are purchasing for the double breasted Men's tuxedos there are some things that you will have to note.

Peak Lapel Tuxedo As for the material of the tuxedos it is mostly recommended for you to go with wool double breasted Men's tuxedos since they are soft and comfortable to wear. But if you are in a tropical country the thick nature of the double breasted Men's tuxedos paired with wool can make you feel stuffy. The best alternative for this is to go with cotton double breasted Men's tuxedos. They are lightweight and breathable making the wearer feel comfortable in the garment. For semi formal look you can try the double breasted linen tuxedos. The linen garments are mostly avoided for formal events since they tend to wrinkle easily. For a dressy look try the silk double breasted Men's tuxedos or velvet double breasted Men's tuxedos. We mostly wear tuxedos for special occasions and these luxury fabrics will make you feel well dressed for the event. We insist on selecting the right material since being comfortable in the garment is every bit as important as looking great in it.

The lapels on the tuxedo is one of most important detail to note since it is main thing that differentiates the tuxedo from a normal suit. Since double breasted Men's tuxedos are considered to be a formal style it is best to go with double breasted peak lapel tuxedos. You can try the different colored lapels on the tuxedos for a distinct look. For example a blue double breasted tuxedo with black tuxedo will look more stylish when compared with a usual blue tuxedo. When you need a dressy style you can try out the shawl lapel double breasted tuxedo. These are best for weddings and award events where you don't mind being the center of attention.

As for the color of the tuxedo, black double breasted Men's tuxedos are considered to be the most preferred style in the market. This is because of the fact that they are versatile and can be worn to almost any formal event. A black tuxedo with white dress shirt and a black bow tie is a standard style that is acceptable even to the black tie events. Other than this you can go with midnight blue double breasted tuxedo or navy double breasted tuxedo when you need a versatile formal garment. For a long time these dark colors have ruled the tuxedo market but in the recent times the lighter and brighter colors of tuxedos like double breasted burgundy tuxedos and tan double breasted Men's tuxedos have started gaining more momentum in the mens tuxedo fashion.

Other than the basic styling of the double breasted tuxedos with white dress shirts and black bow ties you can go with stylish ones. A double breasted red tuxedo with a black silk shirt and black patent leather shoes is a great look for fancy parties. People who dislike the bow tie can go with long tie option.

Another advantage with the tuxedos is that you can use the elements of it as separates.Double breasted tuxedo jacket is one garment that you can easily style with other garments. When you get to know the basics you can easily style them with both formal and casual garments. Here are some styling ideas that we think will help you in the process.

A double breasted beige tuxedo jacket paired with a blue dress shirt, brown knit tie and brown dress pants is a great tonal look. You can add a pair of brown leather Oxford shoes to match the formality of the jacket. Blue pairs well with gray and you can use this to your advantage while styling your navy double breasted tuxedo jacket. When you pair it with gray dress pants, white dress shirt and a blue silk tie you get a proper sharp getup. To give the outfit a more relaxed feel you can add a pair of brown leather tassel loafers to the mix.

As for the fit of the double breasted tuxedo it is most recommended to go with slim fit double breasted tuxedos. The double breasted tuxedos should always be worn fully buttoned and hence it is important that you go with a fitting style that accentuates your body shape. Slim fit double breasted tuxedos and skinny fit double breasted Men's tuxedos are recommended for men of moderate build. Men who prefer roomier designs can try the classic fit double breasted Men's tuxedos or even more the double breasted big and tall tuxedos.