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Striped Dress Pant

striped dress pant Stripes are one of the oldest known patterns in menswear and one of the very few patterns that men feel comfortable to wear. In the olden times the stripes were mostly used on formal garments like suits and blazers being associated with bankers. But in recent times stripes are everywhere starting from suits to shorts. Thus it is time that we venture out with striped garments like striped dress pants instead of restricting ourselves to striped suits and blazers. In this article we discuss about striped pants and tips on styling them right.

Truth be told most men tend to hesitate when going with lower patterned garments like striped dress pants. While they are comfortable with patterned top garments like striped blazers and shirts the striped dress pants is still considered to be an overdo by most. This is because of the fact that it is considered to be relatively hard to pull off. But the key lies in selecting the right type of striped dress pants and then styling them right with appropriate garments.

The first thing that you will have to note while purchasing the striped dress pants is the visibility of the striped on the garment. Some linen pants will have stripes that are barely visible since they are thin lines and placed closely together. These types of striped pants will look like a solid garment when you look at it from a distance. If you are a person who is trying out the striped pants for the first time can start out with this subtle style of pinstriped pants so that you will not be self conscious about the wearing the style. Once you feel comfortable with the style you can start to go with bold patterns of striped dress shirts which have the stripes in thicker style and places far apart. This will make the stripes to be more visible even from a distance.

The next thing that you will have to note is the material from which the plaid dress pants are made from. For example if you need a formal garment try to go with wool striped dress pants. The fabric drapes well and thus gives you a sleek and sharp look. Men who like to go with lighter styles can try out the cotton striped pants. For semi formal and casual styles linen striped pants are recommended. Silk striped pants are the ones recommended when you need a dressy style that is sure to turn heads.

Color of the striped pants play a major role in the look that you project. Dark colored striped pants are recommended for formal use while the light and bright colors are recommended for casual use. Also consider the climate at which you are styling the striped pants. For winter go with dark colored black pinstripe pants that come with subtle pattern since bold and bright colors will stand out too much in gloomy seasons. For warmer months like summer and spring you can go with brighter colors of striped pants with bold stripes.

beige dress pant As for styling the striped pants here are some recommendations that we think will help you in the process. black dress pants paired with charcoal striped vest, light blue dress shirt and a red striped tie is a great patterned look for any formal atmosphere. While pairing the patterned garments make sure that you select the garments that have the stripes matching in the thickness and space between them. Pairing a pinstriped vest with a chalk striped pants will be messy and can create an undesirable look that is best to avoid. In the same way when you match the striped pants with other patterned garments make sure that they do not clash with each other. If you are not sure about the pairing it is best to stick with solid garments or the same patterned garments as that of the striped pants.

For a smart casual look you can pair the light gray striped pants with a light gray vest and a black dress shirt that has the top two buttons left open. You can complete the look by adding a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. Black striped pants paired with horizontal striped long sleeve t-shirt and a navy double breasted blazer is a good addition to a functional man's wardrobe. You can add a tan scarf and a pair of black leather casual boots to upgrade your outfit.

linen pants paired with white dress shirt, blue double breasted blazer and a navy tie is a perfectly balanced outfit. You can add a pair of dark brown leather loafers to finish off the outfit in style. For a classy look you can pair the white striped pants with a white dress shirt, black tie and navy overcoat. Contrast the look with a pair of burgundy leather Oxford shoes worn with brown socks. For a distinct look that stands out you can pair the navy striped pants with navy striped vest, black turtleneck and navy polka dot blazer.

blue striped dress pant For a smart casual look you can pair the silver dress pants with white knit wool turtleneck and dark green blazer. For a subtle yet stylish look you can pair the dark green striped dress pants with dark brown crew neck sweater and a tobacco overcoat. Contrast the dark look of the outfit by adding a pair of white leather low top sneakers to the mix.

As for the fit of the striped pants it is best to go with slimmer styles for formal look. Slim fit striped pants are the ones that are most recommended. For a versatile pick you can try out the modern fit striped pants. If you need a garment that you can wear comfortably the whole day, go with roomier fits like classic fit striped dress pants.