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Polka Dot Dress Pants

Polka dots have long been in the history of menswear and looks like will be here in future too. Polka dots are one of the patterns that men wear without thinking or analysing too much. The advantage with the polka dots is that there are a lot of types in it and you can select the one that best suits your taste and preference. But the thing with polka dots is that when people wear them frequently in the shirts, polka dot pants are a rare sight. This may be because of the fact that it is known to be hard to pull off but the truth is if you know to style it right then it is a easy style. Thus we give you some styling ideas on the polka dot dress pants in this article.

Mens Grey slack The polka dot dress pants are frequenting the runways of the major fashion shows for a long time now. While some are muted polka dot pants in dark hues, some come in bright colored bold patterns. The choice depends on your preference and the look that you are going for. First you will need to select the type of polka dots on your dress pants for you to build the outfit.

The size of the polka dots on your dress pants play a major role in the look that you go for. For formal use you should stick with smaller fits which are also known as pin dots. These are very minute and thus make the polka dot pants look like a solid garment from a distance. You can easily wear these dress pants with almost any formal outfit be it suits or blazers. For a look that can be recognised easily you can go with medium sized polka dot pants. These will show the distinction of the garment even from a distance but still will give you a subtle look when paired right. The large sized polka dot dress pants are best to be reserved for casual use like beach parties and such. The large dotted polka dot pants are hard to pull off unless you possess the swag of George Clooney. This man sported a head to toe large dotted polka dot suit and posed in front of the background possessing the same design. But note that this outfit was for a 'Art' issue of the W magazine and thus know that this white and black camouflage work will never work out for formal or semi formal settings.

The next thing that you will have to note is the space between the dots. For formal use go with closely spaced polka dot pants which looks solid from a distance. With the space reduction between the dots the size of the dots also decreases thus making it a perfect fit for formal use. Polka dot dress pants with have low density spots are best reserved for casual purposes. These type of polka dots are mostly preferred for accessories like ties and pocket squares.

Beige Wideleg Pant Gray Wool Pant Gray Dress Pant

As for the color of the dots white is the one that is most used. Dark colored dress pants with white polka dots might be a little too bright and thus when you need a formal garment go with dark colored dots. For example black polka dots on navy dress pants will not show much unless looked upon carefully. But when you need a garment that you can wear for casual use go with bright colored polka dot pants that showcase the dots on it clearly.

For a formal look you can pair the polka dot navy dress pants with a brown double breasted blazer, white dress shirt and navy polka dot tie. You can complete the look by adding a pair of tobacco suede tassel loafers. For a casual look you can pair the charcoal polka dot dress pants with a white long sleeve dress shirt and brown leather derby shoes.

If you are the groom of the wedding and would like to try out the polka dot pants then here is a recommendation for you. polka dot Blue dress pants paired with gray vest, white dress shirt, red tie and a red blazer is a cool summer wedding look. You can also pair the polka dot black dress pants with a red dress shirt and a white double breasted blazer. Add a pair of brown woven leather derby shoes for a smarter look. For a casual summer look, pair a white polo with polka dot beige dress pants and white leather low top sneakers. For a stylish look you can pair the polka dot olive dress pants with a gray hoodie and blue denim jacket. Other than this you can also go with the full polka dot look by pairing the polka dot dress pants with matching polka dot blazer and dress shirt.

Beige Dress Pant As for the fit of the polka dot dress pants the most preferred one is to go with polka dot slim fit dress pants. If you like a fitter design you can opt to go with skinny fit polka dot pants. These pants will fit you like a second skin and if you are not confident about pulling that off then it is best to stick with slim fit pants. Modern fit polka dot pants is a versatile style that you can pull off at any atmosphere. You can wear them to your regular office day but can style the same pants for your night out in a club. Classic fit polka dot pants are for people who would like a comfortable fit of pants that you can move in without being aware of it constantly. These pants are roomier than slim fit and skinny fit pants. Custom made polka dot pants will always the best since they are made just for you. But the costs is too high sometimes and for these times try out the available fits and find the one for you.