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Green Dress Pants

Green is a beautiful color which is also one of the most underutilized ones in men's fashion. This may be because of the fact that we men are so used to the black, navy and gray cycle that trying out other colors might feel like stepping out of the comfort zone. But once you brave yourself once or twice then the gratification involved is instant. Thus in this article we discuss the green dress pants and how best to style them.

The major reason for the under usage of the green pants in menswear may be attributed to the popularity of the fact that green pants might be hard to style. This may be true to some degree but when you get to know the fundamentals then it is a much easier feat to achieve. Thus give yourself a break from the usual black and navy dress pants and give the new style a try. The style difference can give you a whole new look that can boost your confidence to a great deal. Also there are a lot of options in green pants and you can select the one that best suits your style and need.

For example if you are a person that seldom changes the style of dressing and is much more content with knowing what you are going to wear the next day beforehand then it is important that you ease slowly into the green pants style. Start with the dark muted shades of green pants. This will give you a subtle look that does not make you panic at the first look at the mirror. Olive green pants and moss green pants are some among the many subtle styles that are available in the market. These muted shades of satin stripe pants are a versatile option since they can be worn with both formal and casual outfits. You can easily pair a navy blazer with the dark colored wool green pants while you can also pair the same dress pants with a short sleeve patterned shirt. Thus if you are thinking of getting the green pants for the first time then it is better to go with muted green pants.

But if you are a person who likes brighter looks and do not mind attracting stares then you can try out the brighter and lighter shades of green dress pants. These can be best for the warmer months since the lighter ones stand out too much in winter or fall. Also when it is a brighter lower garment it tends to attract more attention. Thus it is better to reserve the brighter shades of green dress pants for the semi formal and casual use. Since it is best for warmer seasons try to go with lightweight fabrics like cotton green pants and mens lime green pants. Linen green dress pants are one of the most preferred styles for casual summer events.

Silk green pants and velvet green pants are the best when you need a luxurious and classy look. There are a very few colors that pair well with the velvet fabric. Dark green is one among them which gives you a rich and royal look. But all the natural fabric green pants might be a little expensive and if you are looking for cheap priced green pants then we advise you to check out synthetic ones like polyester green drss pants and rayon green pants.

Another main thing that you will have to note when purchasing the green pants or any pants is the fit. Make sure that you go with the perfect fit that accentuates your legs and also at the same time feels comfortable to wear. When you are looking for a formal style then go with nicely fitting solid dress pants while you can go with slightly looser ones for casual use.

Custom made green pants are the ones that are most recommended when you need a perfectly fitting green pants. But the cost involved may be high and if you are on the budget buy then you can go with off the rack green pants. Here are some styling ideas that can help you style the green pants in the best way.

For a formal look mens velvet dress pants or modern fit green pants are the ones that are most recommended. Modern fit green pants paired with white dress shirt and beige blazer is a fashionable look that can turn heads. When you need a roomier style you can opt to go with classic fit green pants and also try incorporating pleats on the pants. Single pleated green pants paired with a beige long sleeve shirt is a casual look for the day. Double pleated green pants paired with white long sleeve tucked in the pants can be a perfect look for the summer day out with your friends. Skinny fit green dress pants are the best when you need a stylish and trendy look. A dark green turtleneck paired with black bomber jacket and skinny fit green pants is an effortlessly stylish look.

Mens Flat Front Pants If you are feeling a little more confident with the green pants style you can also start to incorporate patterns. Plaid green dress pants and striped green dress pants are the ones that are most popular in this category. You can also try out the printed green pants for a stylish look. The main thing to note with patterned green pants is that to keep all other elements simple so that the outfit does not look too busy.

Other than the usual styles there are new styles emerging and the vintage styles coming back. For example slim fit pants that BTS' V wore with a matching green vest, white dress shirt and striped red tie in the latest MV Dynamite broke the internet proving green to be once again a sensation in menswear.