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Pewter Dress Pants

Mens Selection 2018 Pants Pewter is a color that most men are not aware of let alone use it in their daily garments. It is a muted shade of silver gray that can range from light or medium shades. Gray is a color that is recently used widely for formal purposes like office use. Thus gray is slowly dominating the formal style gaining equal popularity as of navy dress pants. When you need a little twist from the usual gray garments in your wardrobe then pewter dress pants must be your next try. In this article we discuss the pewter dress pants and how best to style them.

The main advantage with pewter dress pants is that they are available in many shades and thus you can choose the one that better suits your need. With gray dominating the mens wear market you can easily rock the pewter pants style without attracting unwanted attention. With the number of shades available there is a style for everyone. For example if you are a person who likes to style outfits in a subtle way then you can start with darker shades of Mens velvet dress pants. The darker shades of pewter dress pants will look like charcoal gray dress pants and on a closer inspection will show the shininess. But if you are a person who likes to go with flashier styles and enjoy the attention that it gathers then it is best to go with lighter shades of pewter pants.

If you are thinking of getting the pewter dress pants then here are some suggestions that will help you make a better pick. There are a lot of factors that influence the better performance of the garments that you buy. Some of them are the fabric of the garment, the type and it's fit. All these factors should be decided while keeping in mind the purpose for which you are getting the garment and the comfort level you expect from it.

The climate at which the you are intending to wear the garment also plays a hand at selecting the Mens Tall dress pants. For example if you are getting it for formal use then it is best to go with wool pewter pants. Wool is soft and comfortable to wear. Because of the air pockets present in the fabric it regulates the temperature thus keeping the wearer warm at night and cool at day. Also the slightly thicker fabric drape well making it a nicely fitting winter and fall garment.

pewter dress pants But when it comes to warmer seasons like summer and spring it is best to go with lightweight garments which are more breathable when compared to the wool garments. Cotton pewter pants can be selected when you need a lighter formal replacement for wool pewter pants. Double pleated slacks on the other hand are one of the best for summer use but because of its easily wrinkling property they are mostly reserved for semi formal and casual purpose. Linen pewter pants are also a good choice when you pack for travelling.

Silk pewter pants and velvet pewter pants are some of the luxurious options that can make you look stylish and sophisticated. The material has a sheen about them which combined with shine of the pewter color can give you a truly stunning garment. All these are natural fabrics can be expensive thus when you need a cheap priced pewter pants then you can go with synthetic garments like polyester pewter pants and rayon pewter pants.

As for the type of the pewter pants you can opt to go with either flat fronted type or pleated type of mens seersucker pants. For example flat fronted pewter pants paired with a black polo and brown leather loafers is a neat style that can be effortlessly pulled off. For a stylish matching look you can pair the flat fronted pewter pants with gray will turtleneck and white canvas low top sneakers. For a formal look you can pair the single pleated pewter pants with white long sleeve dress shirt, burgundy print tie and navy blazer. Match the outfit with a pair of dark brown suede tassel loafers. If you prefer a roomier style then go with double pleated pewter pants. Double pleated pewter pants paired with light blue dress shirt tucked in the trousers is a sharp yet stylish look. Complete the look with a pair of dark brown leather double monks.

Charcoal Blue Bond Flat Front Trouser After selecting the type of pewter dress pants you need to focus on the fit of the pants. Slim fit pewter pants paired with polka dot white dress shirt, navy tie and a navy blazer is a sharp look for your regular office day. For a versatile pick you can go with modern fit pewter pants with dark brown vest, beige blazer, white dress shirt and print brown tie. Complete the formal look with a pair of dark brown leather Oxford shoes. Men who are on the bulkier side you can go with slightly roomier fits like classic fit pewter pants and straight cut pewter pants. Skinny fit pewter pants paired with white long sleeve shirt and white striped crew neck t-shirt is a stylish outfit that can be assembled without much effort. You can pair the casual look with white leather low top sneakers. Straight cut pewter pants is a formal style but when you need a casual look you can opt to go with wide leg pewter pants and cuffed bottom pewter pants. Big leg pewter pants paired with light blue crew neck t-shirt and white canvas low top sneakers is a soft look that will give you a coordinated look. Solid pewter pants are the ones that are most recommended for formal use but when you need a distinguished look you can opt to go with patterned ones like striped pewter pants or plaid pewter pants.