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Bone Dress Pants

When we talk about dress pants most men are used to the conventional colors like black, navy and gray. But in reality there are a lot of options in dress pants and you can choose the one that best suits your taste. One of such lesser known color of dress pants and which deserve much more popularity is the bone pants. Bone may be defined as a shade of white and can be categorised under the off white shades. In this article we discuss bone dress pants and some tips on how to style them.

super 110's wool pant To ensure the comfort while wearing the bone pants you first need to consider the material from which the pants are made from.Bone Wool dress pants are the ones that are most recommended since they are soft and comfortable. Also the slightly heavy material drapes perfectly making your stature look great. But the wool dress pants might become stuffy for hot days and thus it is best to go with lightweight bone pants during these days.

Cotton bone pants are the best summer alternative for the wool bone dress pants. This is because of the fact that they can be used for both formal and casual use.Bone Linen dress pants also have good breathability characteristics but they tend to wrinkle fast thus they are mostly avoided for formal use. With seersucker bone pants the material in itself looks wrinkled by default and hence most recommended for casual use.

Luxurious ones like silk bone pants and velvet bone pants might cost you more than the wool and cotton fabrics but will give you a rich look that is hard to be rivalled. Satin striped bone pants are the ones that you should go with when you are looking for separates to pair the tuxedo jacket with. Synthetic ones like bone polyester dress pants and rayon bone pants are the ones that you should go with when you need cheap priced bone pants. We emphasize on the need to properly select the material of the bone pants since they greatly influence a lot of factors like the comfort of the wearer, cost and fit of the dress pants. Thus take some time to decide on the one that suits your need and also which matches the climate in your region.

Big and Tall Pant Next thing that you will have to consider is the fit of the bone pants. Bone is a color that comes in the lighter end of the color spectrum and thus will attract a lot of attention unless paired with even lighter upper garments. You can select the fit of the bone pants keeping in mind purpose of the garments. For example if you are looking for a formal garment then you can go with slim fit bone pants or classic fit bone pants. The difference with these fits is that the slim fit is fitting while the classic fit pants are slightly roomier when compared to the slim fit ones. Modern fit bone dress pants are the ones that are the most versatile choice since you can wear them to both formal and casual events. Skinny fit bone pants are for men who like trendy looks. If you are not convinced with any of the fits then try out the bone big and tall dress pants. Other than these off the rack fits you can go with custom made bone pants.

As for the type of bone pants you can opt to go with flat fronted or pleated ones. The flat fronted bone pants are the best for men who like stylish look.Bone Pleated dress pants are the ones that are used when you need a roomier style. These pants are provided with small folds of material near the waistband of the pants which will stretch out when the wearer sits or flexes. This will give you more space near the thighs region thus providing a more comfortable fit.

As for styling the bone pants you can go with some of the tips that we think will help you. For a formal look you can pair the single pleated bone pants with a light blue dress shirt, navy blazer and a tan polka dot tie. You can complement the look with a pair of burgundy leather loafers. For a stylish laid back look you can pair the flat fronted dress pants with gray striped long sleeve shirt and a navy shirt jacket. Add a pair of black leather tassel loafers to dial up the look.

Double pleated bone pants paired with light violet long sleeve dress shirt is a cool look. Go with dark colored brown suede loafers to complete the look.Bone Double pleated dress pants paired with light violet dress shirt and olive green jacket is a nice summer look. Complete it with a pair of olive suede tassel loafers. Other than these conventional designs of bone dress pants there are other fits that are recently making the rounds in the fashion world.

Bottom bone Cuffed dress pants paired with white linen long sleeve shirt and a white blazer is a nice look to be worn on a casual summer day. Pair of with brown leather loafers to give the outfit a laid back vibe. Wide leg bone dress pants are mostly used for casual use rather than formal use. It gives you a vintage look that is best for summer look. Big leg bone dress pants paired with tan vest, tan houndstooth blazer, light blue shirt and dark brown polka dot tie is a great look for people who adore vintage looks. Match the tone of the tie with a pair of tobacco leather tassel loafers. For a distinct look always pair the bone dress pants with slightly darker upper garments. This will give a distinction but if you want to avoid the attention from your legs go with lighter upper garments.