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1 Button Blazers on Sale

Blazers are the saviours for men for that event which is less formal to be in a suit and then is too formal to be in t-shirt and jeans. Blazers give you the perfect middle of the road look that can solve many of your outfit selecting confusions. But when purchasing for a blazer there are some details that you will have to note to make a perfect pick. One of those details is the number of buttons on the blazer. This might seem like an insignificant detail but is greatly influences the look when you are wearing the garment. In this article we discuss about one button Men's blazers and some styling tips to achieve the best look.

One button Men's blazers are the ones that are mostly preferred by men since it suits almost all body type. For example if you are bulky person then the blazer with more than one button might for create a desirable look since with the increase in lapel the size of the lapels becomes narrower. These narrow lapels can make a bulky guy look even bulkier while these narrow lapels can look good on a tall and slim guy. Hence it is important that you go with lapels size that suit your body type thus achieving a proportionate look. This one button detail does not apply to double breasted blazers since they obviously come with more than one button on default.

The advantage with the one button Men's blazer is that the deep V neck created can make the wearer look taller than he originally is. When styled right it can also give a slimming effect which makes it popular among most men. Other than this the single button blazer will have the perfect balance between the lapel roll and the shoulder. But when this goes a little on the wider side when the lapel go down the garment it creates a slimming effect.

With one button Men's blazers the fit of the garment is also smooth without too much interruptions. The one button Men's blazers can give you the perfect tapered look that is hard to achieve in the blazers with more than a single button. Thus we recommend you to go with single button blazers especially if you are a short or bulky person. For blazers with more than one button the last button on the blazer should be left open at all times while the others can be buttoned. With single button blazers you do not have the concern since it has only one button. You can fasten the button when you are standing and remove it while you are sitting down.

The next thing that you will have to note is the material from which the one button blazers are made from. For example one button wool blazers are most preferred since the fabric is well known to provide impressive drapes. But if you feel it to be stuffy then you can go with cotton one button Men's blazers. These two blazers are the ones that are recommended for formal events. If you are looking for a summer garment then you can go with lightweight options like linen one button Men's blazers or seersucker one button Men's blazers. They are lighter and more breathable than wool. Linen tends to crumple easily while the seersucker in itself looks crumpled by default making them undesirable for formal use.

Silk one button blazers and one button velvet blazers are the ones recommended for fancy events. These materials have a sheen about them that makes you look rich and sophisticated and hence are best to be reserved for special occasions. If you want cheap one button Men's blazers try out the synthetic ones like polyester one button Men's blazers and rayon one button Men's blazers.

While picking out the one button blazer another important factor that you will have to note is the color of the garment since it is the first thing that catches the eye of the viewer. You can select the color keeping in mind the purpose for which you are purchasing the garment and how you are intending to use it.

For example if you want a formal style of one button Men's blazers go with dark colors. A one button navy blazer paired with a white dress shirt, navy dress pants and navy striped tie is a classic look that can never go wrong. A charcoal gray one button Men's blazer paired with a charcoal vest, white dress shirt, charcoal tie and charcoal dress pants is a great 3 piece look for any formal event.
For a semi formal event like weddings you can try pairing slightly brighter colored one button blazers with formal garments. For example a one button purple blazer paired with white dress shirt, black dress pants and black skinny tie is a outfit that can showcase your sartorial prowess. A burgundy one button Men's blazer paired with navy vest, white dress shirt, orange tie and navy dress pants is also a classy look that you can rock to any wedding.

Other than this for a smart casual style you can relax the style a bit and pair the one button blazer with some casual garments. For example a light gray one button blazer paired with black turtleneck and black dress pants is a cool look that you can style from the fundamental garments in your wardrobe. For a balanced look you can pair the pink one button blazer with black dress shirt and black dress pants. You can decide to lose the tie and instead wear the dress shirt with the top two buttons left open.

As for the fit of the one button blazers as mentioned before it is normally designed to be well fitting. A one button slim fit blazer is the one that is most preferred for both formal and casual look. Men who like form fitting garments can try out the skinny fit one button Men's blazers. When you need a garment that you can wear comfortably for a whole day, try classic fit one button Men's blazers.