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3 Button Blazer

One of the important details on the blazer is the number of buttons on it. While this may seem like insignificant detail it still greatly improved the overall look that you are sporting. Choosing the right number of buttons on the blazer can give you a clean and sleek outfit that will rightly complement your body type. In this article we discuss the three button blazersand what sets them apart from their low button counterparts.

If you like to observe fashion trends then you might have noted that the three button blazers have almost become extinct since very few shops offer these in recent times. The three button Men's blazers were very much prevalent in the early 2000s but now with the competition of slimmer fits the style has almost vanished. But if you are a fan of vintage styles and think that the fashion world is revolving a bit too fast then think trying out the three button blazer style.

The main advantage with the three button Men's blazers is that they come with little longer jacket length. The length of the jacket is reducing constantly with it being shorter than it was the decade before. The loss in the length inadvertently influences the reduction in the number of the buttons on the blazer. The shorter blazers might not be a big deal to the short men but if you are a person who is above six feet then it would be a nightmare. This is where the three button blazer steps in. It provides the proper coverage of your rear and gives your body a balanced look. The short blazers on the other hand might be uncomfortable to wear and would make your legs look too long when compared with the short upper torso. Also the 3 button blazers will provide with a higher neck when compared with single button and two button blazers thus giving a balanced look.

If you are thinking of getting a three button blazer then there are some things that you will have to note. The three button blazer might not give you a very proper tapered appearance on the first glance and thus you should focus more upon the fit of it. As for the material it is recommended for you to go with three button wool blazer since the slightly heavy nature of the fabric will provide you with a proper drape.

Hunter Green Blazer If you dislike the bulky nature of the wool then go with lightweight three button blazers. Both cotton and linen perform well in the summer but cotton three button Men's blazers are preferred for formal use while the three button linen blazers are best for semi formal and casual use. This is because of the fact that linen can wrinkle easily. But if you want to reduce the crumpling problem then you can choose to go with blended linen three button blazer. Other than this you can also try out the seersucker three button Men's blazers.

Special occasions need special garments that are a little flashy to begin with. For these type of events we would recommend you to go with fabrics that conform with the nature of the event. For example if you are attending a semi formal dinner party then you can opt to go with three button silk blazer or three button velevt blazer. The luxurious fabrics will have a sheen to them with will make you look rich and sophisticated when wearing it. But if the event that you are attending is more of a casual fun type you can go with three button sequin blazers or polyester three button shiny blazers. These fashion three button blazers will give you a trendy look that blends in well with the fun atmosphere.

Gold Mens Blazer There are a lot of ways to style the three button blazers. The details like the type of lapel, type of blazer and the color of the blazer can be selected based on your requirement. Here are some styling ideas that we think will help you.

A dark purple single breasted three button blazer paired with white dress shirt, black tie and black dress pants is a cool look that you can easily style to any summer wedding. You can complete the look with a pair of burgundy leather monks. For a formal look you can pair the striped three button blazer with a a white dress shirt, black tie and black chinos. To add on style you can opt to go with 3 piece three button blazer look by adding on a gray vest.

A navy notch lapel three button blazer paired with gray wool turtleneck and charcoal dress pants is a fashionable look. A pink three button peak lapel blazer paired with a black dress shirt and black dress pants is a smart casual look that will turn heads. Shawl lapel three button Men's blazers are much preferred for dressy events like weddings and such.

A three button burgundy blazer paired with navy vest, white dress shirt, burgundy tie and navy dress pants is a clear fashion twist in the usual navy outfit. You can complement the burgundy in the outfit by adding a pair of brown leather tassel loafers. For a casual look you can try out lighter ones like light blue three button blazer and three button mustard yellow blazer. A gray three button blazer paired with white polo and khaki dress pants can give you a confident outfit. A three button beige blazer paired with light pink dress shirt and pink chinos is a smart casual summer look.

The fit of the three button blazer matter and lot and thus you should select it carefully. three button Slim fit blazer and three button skinny fit blazers are the ones that are most recommended. But if you need a comfortable fit that you can wear all day without sweating much then try out the classic fit three button blazers. People who are bulky or tall can try out the three button big and tall blazers.