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Cashmere Blazers

Cashmere is one of the softest materials known to mankind. Cashmere is widely used on the luxury clothing sides both in menswear and women's wear. The sales of the cashmere garments surge to a great degree at the start of the winter and fall even though they are considered to be expensive. Cashmere is often considered to be dressy and thus is avoided by some men. But by selecting a proper subtle style like cashmere blazers you can easily rock the style without being flashy. In this article we discuss the things that make cashmere special and some tips on styling the cashmere men's blazers if you decide to get one.

Cashmere clothing is considered to be a symbol of luxury and elegance. This has been the case for a long time in history with the elites and royals preferring the garments. From the Middle Ages cashmere vests and sweaters were widely used by the English gentlemen and in one period of time were also known to denote the status of the person. Cashmere is mostly believed to come for Indian province but this is not the case. It is true that the Indians have mastered the designing of cashmere shawls and garments but the wool itself is obtained from the Himalayan plateaus of Mongolia and China. This is where the Kashmir goat lives and the undercoat of these boats are extracted to manufacture cashmere. These places where these goats live are extremely cold and this creates a natural resistance for the goats in the form of these undercoats. This is one of the most important things that contribute to the softness and comfort of the cashmere garments against cold.

Cashmere clothing was brought into Europe by the time of Roman Empire. The extreme softness of the material immediately captured the admiration of the people but the material was expensive even more at that time. Thus the special fabric was mostly reserved for kings and the elite people. There is a record that points that the Cashmere was even known as the fiber for kings at a certain time. The famous emperor Napoleon was also a fan of this fabric and was known to gift it to his wife. It is also said that his wife was the first one who introduced the popular belief that a 100% cashmere fabric will be so soft that it can easily pass through a finger ring. Soon in the 19th century cashmere garments became famous in Paris. There was a lot of import from China and these raw materials were started to be manufactured into garments in France and England. Since then the cashmere garments have seen constant rise and decline in popularity but have never once disappeared from use. Even in the 21sy century they continue to be one of the most coveted luxury fabrics in the fashion world.
Coming back to cashmere blazers, there are a lot of advantages that makes them special when compared to your usual wool fabrics. The cashmere blazer will be extremely soft and thus is the best choice for men who like comfortable clothing. The softness as mentioned before can be attributed to the fine under hairs of the Kashmir goats. Other than the softness the next thing that you will instantly note about the cashmere men's blazers is the level of warmth that it offers. This is because of the build of the cashmere garments and also to a certain degree due to the cashmere fiber used. The fibers create a zigzag pattern because of the natural crimp in the material. This also creates a lot of air pockets in the material that can trap the body's heat making the garments an excellent insulator.

When we talk about cashmere men's blazers most of the men tend to wrongly imagine the look of fur on the blazers. While the cashmere men's blazers can be eye catching they are not hairy like the flannel or especially the fur garments. A good wool blazer will have a springiness to it while the cashmere blazers are a little more soft and plaint.

Vlack Blazer	
Asfor the type of cashmere men's blazers you can get it is best to go with single breasted cashmere blazer since you can style it in different looks. As mentioned before cashmere men's blazers can be expensive and thus it is best to get most of the money you spend on it. cashmere Double breasted blazers are equally good but they have an air of formality that makes them look out of place in semi formal and casual events.

As for the type of lapel we most recommend you to go with peak lapel cashmere blazers since they are the ones that are most formal. Cashmere men's blazers are going to be reserved for special events that require you to dress up and thus peak lapel cashmere men's blazers might be the perfect choice. For a more dressy look you can go with shawl lapel cashmere men's blazers. They are less formal than peak lapels but are best for events like weddings and award events. Notch lapel cashmere men's blazers are the ones that are recommended for casual use like for office event.

As for the color of the cashmere men's blazers the first recommendation is to go with navy cashmere men's blazers. They are easy to style and can give you a lot of options. Other than this you can try out the black cashmere men's blazers and charcoal gray cashmere blazers. Slightly brighter ones like cashmere burgundy blazers and olive green cashmere men's blazers are also a good choice when you need a break from the usual colors. The basic recommendation is to go with darker colors of cashmere blazers since they will give a seductive richness to the luxurious fabric which will make it look still more impressive.

As for the fit of the cashmere blazers go with cashmere slim fit blazer when you need a fitting garment. For a slightly roomier fit you can go with classic fit cashmere men's blazers. People who are on bulkier side can go with big and tall cashmere men's blazers.