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Cotton Blazers

Blazer is a popular choice for men when you need something casual and classy. It is the best alternative for suits when you need a dress down outfit. Men love to wear it for every season from formal to casual events. Blazers are available in different fabrics and range according to our needs. Each season needs something unique in our wardrobe to showcase our style. For the icy cold winter, you can choose a wool blazer to provide you comfort and warmth. But the thought of wearing a woolen blazer for the entire day in the summer season makes you sweat even before trying it. So grab a cotton blazer for summer and spring season to beat the heat. Continue reading this article to wear a cotton blazer like a pro.

Cotton blazer looks like an ordinary jacket but gained its popularity due to soft and cool fabric. It is an ideal fabric when the temperature rises to deliver comfort without sacrificing style. If you still think a wool blazer will only offer a stunning look, then you have missed the beauty of the cotton blazer. Try the durable and lightweight cotton blazer and make it a versatile garment to pair it with jeans and dress pants. The cotton blazer will make you remarkable in both dressed up and down events. Here we provide you with new combinations to try out this season.

Cotton blazers are a lifesaver when it comes to the summer season. From workwear to parties, it leaves an impact wherever you go. When choosing a cotton blazer for workwear, go for colors like black, navy and grey. These colors give you a more refined look and will give a muted vibe that mend with the surrounding. The lapel in the blazer showcases the formality of your attire. The peak lapel is considered to be more formal and appropriate for your workwear.The cotton peak lapel blazer with proper fitting gives a sharp look. Blue cotton blazer and black cotton blazer are some ideal suits in every man's wardrobe to have it in your daily repertoire. For something different in your on-duty ensemble, pair a brown blazer with white shirt and brown dress pants to give a classy look. Complete this outfit with a pair of tobacco leather shoes to spruce up this outfit. Everything matters when wearing formal attire, the small detail in your outfit may add extra points to your outfit. So wear a most fashionable ensemble to make a statement outfit. The pinstripe cotton blazer is loved by all ages and will allow you to rock it in style. It is one of the corporate offices essential to have in your wardrobe. Teaming a pinstripe cotton blazer in navy with navy dress pants is a sure way to bring elegant spin to your outfit.


Summer weddings are the main event where you can show your styling ideas in a cotton blazer. Be a groom or groomsmen, if you want to stay comfortable for the whole day cotton blazer is a best choice. A well tailored three piece cotton blazer can act as a sleek menswear for your wedding. If you are planning an outdoor wedding you can go with an aqua or green cotton blazer. This combination of aqua cotton blazer and dress pants will harmonise well with the ocean and makes a spectacular beach wedding attire. Bring out your fashion sense while choosing flashy colors. Gold and silver cotton blazers are some of the garments that are saved for special events. They offer an effortlessly cool outfit that can be worn to have a dressy look. The cotton gold blazer is suitable for many occasions and comes with different patterns and designs to flatter your appearance. Combining a gold blazer with appropriate clothing can either make or break your outfit. Matching a gold blazer with lighter colors is always a wise choice to highlight your upper body. Consider wearing a silver cotton blazer with charcoal chinos for a stylish and elegant look. Introducing a pair of black tassel loafers for a relaxed finish. These blazers will not be fancy as wool and silk blazers that suit you perfectly without standing out too much.

Mens-Baby-Blue-Color-Sportcoat Don't be afraid to get bold and creative colors to brighten up your day. Colors like red, purple and lime green blazer. Houndstooth cotton blazers in bold colors paired with plain pants or jeans will give a complementary outfit with a balanced look. Red houndstooth cotton blazer paired with ripped jeans brings a street style fashion, complete this look with dark red tassel loafers. Enjoy your morning and evening with a cotton blazer to have a casually cool outfit. Consider teaming a maroon cotton blazer with denim blue jeans to resonate polish and refinement in your off-duty ensemble, add a pair of brown leather chelsea boots to have a polished look. Nothing can stop you if you are mixing the fashion. People who tend to try something will be the one to bring new trends. You can try fashion blazers for an effortlessly classic outfit. The new vibe given by them grabs everyone's attention and will keep you in trend. To infuse an extra dose of fashion, the polka dot cotton blazer is best to try on to make your ensemble fun and fresh. When wearing a polka dot blazer, a plain tie of the same shade is the smart choice to bring a modern twist to your casual attire.

Cotton blazers offer durable and lightweight fabric that gives a timeless look to wear it all year around. In my personal opinion it is best to opt for dark colors rather than bold colors. The colors like burgundy, vine and brandy will inject a new dose to your wardrobe. It is easy to pull together a burgundy cotton blazer, white shirt and dark blue denim jeans to bring a manly sophistication. Whether it may be cotton or wool blazer, pairing with coordinated pants and accessories is the prominent thing that brings refinement to your outfit. Find a blazer from our website that fits your personality and style it the way you want.