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Men's Belvedere Shoes

If you are interested in quality shoes then you would have heard about belvedere shoes. Belvedere Men's shoes are well known for their high quality and innovative designs. Today in this article we are going to discuss Belvedere shoes and the tips for styling them best.

Belvedere Men's shoes which now has branches in most parts of the world had a humble beginning. Stefano Giovacchini, the founder of belvedere Men's shoes is from Florence, Italy. From an early age he was interested in shoe making. So he started out belvedere Men's shoes in 1986 when he moved to California. He visited all the small shoe stores and boutiques in the nearby area and got some orders. Then Stefano travelled to places like New York, Florida and Chicago and started showcasing his designs. This is how the Belvedere Men's shoes expanded. Later he wanted to design his own shoes and soon started doing that. Now the belvedere Men's shoes is a big name in the luxury shoes world.

Belvedere-Navy-Ostrich-Skin-Shoes If you are thinking of getting the belvedere Men's shoes there are a lot of options for you to choose from. They offer a wide variety of shoes starting from classic dress shoes to urban sneakers. You need to know all the options available to make the right pick.

The first thing that you will have to decide is the type of belvedere Men's shoes that you are going for. If you are getting shoes for pairing with formal outfits then it might be a good choice to go with formal belvedere Men's shoes. Other than this you can go with belvedere boat shoes if you would like a stylish pick. Belvedere shoes sneakers are for people who would like casual shoes. Other than this you should go with exotic skin belvedere Men's shoes for a dressy rich look. Other than this there are a lot of belvedere fashion shoes that you can choose from according to your need.

Now after you decide the type of belvedere Men's shoes that you should consider the material of the shoes next. Again if you are going with belvedere dress shoes that you can wear with formal outfits then your best choice might be leather. When it comes to leather shoes the quality of it becomes a very important factor. Buying a pair of good quality leather shoes might be a worthy investment since the leather shoes tend to last for a long time when you maintain it right. The best shoes are made from high quality leather. The first type of leather shoes that you should look for when it comes to formal use is the classic leather shoes. Calfskin shoes are the ones that are most preferred when it comes to this category. You can find whether the leather of the shoes is of good quality if you pay attention. Low quality leather will be dry and stiff to touch. Also the material will have a dull and blotchy appearance. On the other hand good quality leathers like calfskin are supple to touch and have a smooth appearance. Also the high quality shoes are comfortable to wear while the low quality ones will make you uncomfortable.

Belvedere-Navy-Ostrich-Skin-Shoes Belvedere Men's shoes boast of high quality leather as raw material and the performance proves the fact. Belvedere Italian shoes are well known for their quality and unique design. The carefully hand crafted details on the Belvedere Men's shoes make them special and a worthy investment.

Now another recommendation for shoes that you can pair with formal outfits is the exotic skin shoes. Exotic skin shoes are the ones that use the skin of animals like alligator, crocodile, lizards and such. These shoes are considered to be a dressier option when compared with the calfskin leather shoes. The thing with the exotic skin shoes is that they can be expensive and hence the quality should be the main thing that you should consider. Therefore while purchasing for exotic skin shoes it is best to go with trusted brands in the business. Belvedere is famous for alligator shoes so much so that its founder is nicknamed as gator man. Alligator belvedere shoes are the ones that are most famous in the lineup. Other than this Belvedere crocodile dress shoes are also the ones that are preferred the most. There are many other picks like belvedere lizard shoes and belvedere ostrich shoes that are famous among the luxury picks. People who are against using animal skins but still love the look can go with artificial exotic skin shoes.

The next thing that you will have to note when buying the Belvedere Men's shoes is the design of the shoes. When it comes to belvedere dress shoes there are a lot of designs to choose from. For example if you are looking for a pair of shoes that you can wear with formal outfits like tuxedos and formal suits then you should go with classic styles like belvedere Oxford shoes. This way you can easily conform with the formality of the event that you are attending. There are still more designs in this like point toe shoes and cap toe shoes. You can select the design based on your need and preference. If you want a dressy look you can go with belvedere wingtip shoes. These shoes have a leather provision on the vamp of the shoes that look like a wing. Also the Belvedere wingtip shoes come in two tones.

Carrucci-Grey-Matching-Sole-Shoes Brown-Crocodile-Skin-Shoe Mens-Black-Shoes Belvedere-Navy-Ostrich-Skin-Shoes

If you aren't a fan of laced up shoes you can go with belvedere monk strap shoes. These shoes have one or two straps instead of laces like in Oxford shoes. The main advantage with the monk strap shoes is that you can pair them with both formal and casual outfits thus making them a versatile choice. Other than this you can go with belvedere slip on shoes. Though they were considered to be casual option nowadays a pair of proper dress loafers can be even paired with tuxedos.

Also consider the material of the formal belvedere Men's shoes that you are purchasing. If you are getting the shoes go wear only for formal and special events you may need to go with patent leather ones which has a permanent shine to it. For other semi formal purposes like office use you can go with leather shoes. They do not have the shiny look of the patent leather ones but can look great when polished regularly. If you want a more casual option you can go with suede belvedere Men's shoes. Velvet belvedere Men's shoes are the best option when you need a dressy pick that will set you apart from the usual crowd.

Belvedere-Navy-Ostrich-Skin-Shoes As for the color of the Belvedere Men's shoes it depends on the wearer and how he is intending to use it. For formal events like black tie and white tie events it is best to go with black Belvedere Men's shoes since they are the ones that conform with the dress code of these events. If the event that you are attending is a one with relaxed dress codes you can go with belvedere brown shoes. Black and brown shoes are the ones that is most recommended for formal events. Other than this if the event is a less formal one then you can go with dark ones like Belvedere navy shoes and Belvedere burgundy shoes. Exotic skin shoes like belvedere gator shoes and belvedere stingray shoes are the best when it comes to dressy events where you can show off. Best avoid wearing these belvedere exotic shoes to regular office use since it attracts the most attention which is not desirable.

As for belvedere shoes that you can wear for daily use you can go with belvedere brown shoes and belvedere black shoes of normal leathers. You can also go withbelvedere red shoes and Belvedere green shoes as long as they are in dark shades. When it comes to casual events like summer weddings and such you can go with lighter colored ones like belvedere tan shoes and belvedere white shoes.

Now with all the options discussed you might be wondering why belvedere shoes are special and what sets them apart. The making process of thebelvedere mens shoes it self is an intense process that requires careful craftsmanship. If you are a person who likes the finer things in life then belvedere Men's shoes must be your pick. The sleek design and the perfect fit of the belvedere Men's shoes are the ones that you can understand only when worn.

As for the making process of the Belvedere Men's shoes, they are made with the Italian method of shoe making. The low cost shoes available in the markets are usually mass produced in factories and machine designed. But with belvedere Men's shoes the quality of the shoes is impeccable since they are carefully hand made. The people involved in the making of the Belvedere Men's shoes are the ones that are skilled in the process of shoe making. Belvedere Italian shoes have the superior design and construction that you can never find in the low quality shoes. Also the time involved in making of one pair of belvedere Men's shoes is much more than the inferior quality shoes. All this makes the cost of the belvedere Men's shoes to be a little high but the product is worth it.

Belvedere-Navy-Ostrich-Skin-Shoes As for the belvedere exotic shoes you can instantly feel the quality of the shoes on the first glance. Belvedere Men's shoes are known to use only the high quality leathers. The exotic skin leather is carefully tanned and finished. Also the exotic skins are carefully hand picked and checked for any type of defects. The skins with defects will not give a impeccable look that you get the exotic skin shoes for. Also these defects will reduce the life of the shoes. But with Belvedere exotic shoes you need not worry about these defects. Also the thing with exotic skin shoes is that the scales patterns on the shoes will never be the exact same. With belvedere exotic shoes the same is true but you will find that the patterns are closely matched with each other which gives a symmetrical look to the pair.

Belvedere mens shoes have the best finish that you can find in the market. The interior of the Belvedere Men's shoes are lined with lambskin leather which gives it a soft feel. This soft interior of the Belvedere Men's shoes contributes for the comfortable fit. The soles of the Belvedere Men's shoes are also made of properly tanned and cured leather that gives the shoes durability. The money that you spend on the belvedere Men's shoes will last for a long time because of the sturdy design. Even after a long use you can just re sole the belvedere Men's shoes and use it for a much longer time until you will need another pair of shoes.

Belvedere-Navy-Ostrich-Skin-Shoes As for styling the Belvedere shoes with different outfits here are some recommendations. For a regular office look you can pair the with belvedere black shoes with a gray suit and white shirt. Complete the look with a charcoal plaid tie and brown sunglasses. For a professional business meeting look you can go with black suit paired with light blue dress shirt, navy tie and a pair of belvedere dark brown shoes. For a stylish look you can go with pairing a gray plaid suit with white shirt, navy tie and a pair of belvedere dark brown suede shoes. For a summer wedding groom look you can pair the royal blue three piece suit with a white shirt, burgundy tie and tan belvedere leather shoes. For a smart casual look you can pair black Belvedere Men's shoes with gray check blazer and white chinos. For a more casual look you can style the white belvedere sneakers with dark green shorts and navy crew neck t-shirt. You can also go with smart casual look by pairing a real suit with black crew neck t-shirt and a pair of burgundybelvedere athletic shoes. You should select the belvedere Men's shoes keeping in mind the purpose for which you are getting it.