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Brown Blazers

When it comes to blazers there are some colors that are common while some others are not. The brown Brown Men's blazers rest in the grey area between these two since they are popular among some while it is a non existent style for some. This is because of the fact that the brown blazers are widely known to be the country style and thus most men in the city tend to avoid wearing it. But if you are a ardent follower of fashion you would have noted the spike in the usage of the brown blazers in recent times. Thus in this article we are going to discuss the brown blazers and some of the best ways to style the garment.

Mens Designer Blazer While the navy blazers and charcoal blazers are are undeniably a staple piece in mens wardrobe the brown blazers give your wardrobe a unique shine unlike the usual ones. The brown blazer is also a versatile garment given that you learn to style it right. Thus we recommend you to get a brown blazer for yourself if you already do not have one in your wardrobe. As for the styling of the brown Brown blazers here are some tips that we think might help you.

The brown Men's blazers can be styled to both formal and casual events given that they are paired with proper combining garments. Also there are a lot of shades in brown and choosing the right one contributes a great deal for the look. Go with darker shades of brown blazers for the formal events and when it comes to summer casual events you can go with slightly brighter shades of brown Men's blazers.

Mens Brown Blazer For a formal look that you can even wear to your office on a summer day you can pair the brown peak lapel blazer with a light blue dress shirt, multi colored horizontal striped tie and navy dress pants. The navy dress pants add up to the formality of the outfit and when paired with the brown Men's blazers the look that you obtain is fantastic. To complete the look add a pair of dark brown leather oxford shoes. Other than this you can pair the brown Men's blazers with light colored dress pants too. The light colored dress pants are usually recommended for summer or spring styling since they tend to gather a lot of attention. Also remember that the light colored clothing tends to attract the viewers eye and thus it is a clever idea to go with light colored dress pants when you want to gain attention to your legs. For example a tall person can go with a notch lapel brown blazer paired with a white dress shirt, navy horizontal striped tie and beige dress pants to emphasize on the longer legs.

Other than the usual solid combining garments you can also try out the patterned ones. White tend to offer much of a contrast with brown and thus instead of going with plain white dress shirts you can go with subtle patterned ones. For example a brown slim fit blazer paired with a white and navy gingham dress shirt and khaki dress pants gives you a better look. To complete the look add a pair of dark brown suede oxford shoes. You can ditch the light colored dress shirt with dark blazer theory and go with dark shirts. For example a classic fit brown blazer paired with a navy police neck sweater and white jeans or the same brown blazer paired with a navy dress shirt and white chinos might be a winning look for this summer. For a formal finishing of the look choose dark brown suede brogues while got a casual look you can go with brown suede tassel loafers.

If you are attending a summer wedding then you can opt to go with a tonal look which might look too dull for the winter or fall. For example you can pair the notch lapel brown blazer with a grey dress shirt, beige plaid tie and grey dress pants. When in doubt go with the easy choice of brown leather loafers to finish off the look. For a classy look you can go with simple yet effective styling of pairing the brown skinny fit blazer with a black dress shirt and black dress pants. When you go with shawl lapel brown blazers complete with black patent leather loafers the look might even work out to be a good style for the groom of the wedding ceremony.

Double Breasted Blazer 2 Button Blazer Brown Casual Blazer

Other than the usual styles you can opt to go with the 3 piece brown blazer look when you want a rare style that people might not think on the first try. A single breasted brown blazer paired with a white and navy gingham dress shirt, grey vest, orange plaid tie and navy dress pants is a good choice for a dapper and sophisticated look. To carry off the formal look of the outfit choose to go with a pair of burgundy leather oxford shoes. For a simple look that you can style to your office day pair a brown 2 button blazer with a white dress shirt, beige vest, black knit tie and black chinos. To match the brown blazer look add a pair of brown leather tassel loafers to the ensemble.

As mentioned before the brown blazer is a versatile style that can be worn for all events. Thus the fabric of the suit should be determined by keeping in mind the season at which the events are held. For example if you are choosing the garment to wear for a formal winter wedding ceremony then you should go with brown wool blazers or tweed brown Men's blazers. On the contrary if you are getting the garment to wear in summer or spring then go with lightweight ones like cotton brown blazers or brown linen blazers. For a luxurious look you can go with silk brown Men's blazers or brown velvet blazers since the sheen of the material will make it look rich and sophisticated.