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Mens White Blazer

We want you to go open your wardrobe and look at the garments that you have. We bet that most of the men would have a wide collection of garments in colors that are variations of grey and navy. This is sad considering that there are thousands of colors available and we stick with the two. If you are thinking about breaking out of this circle and try out a style that would make you get used to the other colors too, then try the white blazers. For most men, this might be a huge step since white is one of the colors that men tend to avoid when it comes to formal garments. But white blazers are a surprisingly easy style to pull off – you just have to get down the basics. We are here to help you with that. Read the article further to know more about the styling of the mens white blazers.

White Dinner Jacket White is definitely a bright color and would attract attention but it might in a good way if you learn to style it right. A nicely styled white blazer outfit would provide you with a striking figure which makes you look confident and stylish. If you are looking for a statement piece that would work for the special occasions then you should think of going with the white blazers mens. White is a neutral shade and thus there aren’t much shade choices available but if you consider the white to be a too bright choice for you then we would suggest you to choose the off white blazers. The off white blazers like the beige blazers and such are similar to the white blazers but have a much subdued look. If you are a person who is hesitantly starting with the white blazers style then we would suggest you to choose off white blazers.

You might be quite impressed with the white blazers but might be avoiding it since you do not have much idea about the styling and where exactly to wear the garment. In that case, since white is a bright color then you can choose to wear them for the summer and spring events. For example, if there is a summer event like an outdoor wedding or a beach party you will need something casual but also elegant. The white blazers are the best choices for these types of the events.

Shiny Blazer While choosing the white blazers there are a few things that you should note. Make sure that you choose the right fit of the blazers so that they are not mistaken for a suit jacket. For example, if you want a formal and elegant look then you can choose the white dinner blazers. This would be a great look if you are looking for a groom outfit. If for the wedding, you can also choose to go with the white designer blazers. The blazers are more casual in the construction and fit when compared with the dinner jackets and the suit jackets.

Also the fabric of the white colour blazer matters both for the comfort of the wearer and also the overall look. Since white blazers are usually recommended for the summer and spring events we would suggest you to choose the lightweight styles like the white cotton blazers and similar styles. While the cotton blazers are required for the formal events, you can choose the white linen blazers when you are packing for a vacation and similar casual events. There are also seersucker white blazers or the cheap white men blazers like the polyester or rayon white blazers. But it would be best if you always stick with the natural fabric garments.

As for the styling of the white blazers men, here are some of the ideas which you can try out. We have already mentioned before that white blazers can work for almost all events given that you choose the right combining garments. Thus here we will suggest you some white blazer outfits for every setting.

Formal events

If it is a formal event and you have a role to play in it, you can choose a dressed up look. In that case, we would suggest you to style the off white black blazers with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants. The black lapel on the white blazer offers a good contrast and you can even choose the ones that come with patterns. If you want to tone down the look a bit then you can choose to style the white cotton blazers with a light blue dress shirt, black long tie and a pair of black dress pants. What better way to complement this white formal blazer style with a pair of black leather Oxford shoes?

2 Button Blazer Floral Blazer White Blazer Slimfit Blazer

Semi formal events

If it is a semi formal event and you aren’t the focus of the event then you can go with a toned down style. For example, if you are attending a summer wedding as a guest then you can style the white blazer dress with a light blue striped dress shirt, navy tie and a pair of navy dress pants. Round off the look with a pair of dark brown leather derby shoes. For a more stylish smart casual option, style the white big and tall men blazer with a white and navy gingham dress shirt and a pair of navy jeans. To elevate the outfit instantly add with it a pair of black suede tassel loafers.

Casual events

Starting with a stylish and cool outfit you can choose to style the white sportcoat blazer with a black turtleneck and a pair of black skinny jeans. To polish off the outfit in the best way add with it a pair of black suede tassel loafers. If you are looking for a cool and contemporary style then you can style the white blazers jacket with a white crew neck t-shirt and a pair of white dress shorts.