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Mens Emerald Green Prom Jacket

If there is one colored suit that you are adding to your wardrobe this year then let it be emerald green prom suits. Although green remains to be one of the most underutilized colors in menswear, recently people are starting to understand the appeal and hence we are seeing a surge in the spotting of the green suits. Usually people would recommend you to go with the dark green suits but we already have enough subtle colored suits in our wardrobe. If you want a suit that is equal parts elegant and exciting then you should think of choosing the mens emerald green prom suits. We are here to discuss more about the emerald green suits and the best ways to style the garment.

Emerald green is the slightly brighter blue green shade and the name comes from the mineral that is of the same shade. The mineral is said to have the color because of the presence of elements like chromium and vanadium. The unique and alluring shade has made the mineral one of the most sought after ones for the making of the jewelry and accessories. If you are looking for suits that would provide you a refreshing look then green prom suits would be a good choice.

As we mentioned before, most would recommend you to start with the dark green suits. Emerald green in indeed a bright shade but it can be easily pulled off. When you style them right you can wear them to almost all types of events. But if you are hesitant then you could choose the dark green suits instead. Once you have gotten comfortable with the color then you can move on to the brighter shades.

While getting the emerald green suits, there are a few things to note. The foremost thing would be to find the right shade of the suits. Emerald green suits have a rich and Sophisticated vibe to them and thus make sure you choose the right shade. Secondly, concentrate on the fabric of the suit. The event for which you are getting the suit and the season at which the said event is scheduled would help you determine the right fabric for the suits. For example, if it is a formal event like a church wedding then wool prom suits emerald green would be our recommended choice. Wool suits are known to give you a dressed up and formal look.

But if the event is for the summer or spring events then choose lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen. But our favorite when it comes to green will always remain to be silk or velvet emerald green prom suits. The deep color when associated with these luxury fabrics makes the garment look rich and awesome. If there is a special occasion involved and you want your outfit to be the best then silk or emerald green velvet prom suits would be a good choice. These are the natural fabrics and thus would offer a great look along with good durability. But for these best green prom suits, you will have to pay a reasonable price which some might consider to be hefty. If you are looking for green prom suits cheap then there is the option of going with the synthetic fabric suits. Polyester and rayon suits are great choices but know that they might not be as comfortable and durable as the natural fabrics. They also have an unnatural shine about them which makes them look cheap.

To find the quality suits, check out the sites that have the green prom suits sale. Then after checking the authenticity of the site, go through the various emerald green prom suit collections and find the style that suits you. Check different sites to see whether there is a quality one that offers discounts in emerald green prom suits. After comparing the prices and quality of the suit, go with the one that gives you the best return for the money you spend.

Styling tips for emerald green suits

The colors which pair well with the green suits are first to be noted if you want your outfit to be a success. Black and white are obviously on the list since they seem to be the nicest pair to almost all colors. Other than these two, we would suggest you to choose dark and earthy shades to be paired with emerald green suits. Try out different emerald green prom suit designs to find the one that is just right for you.

For the people who are trying the green suit for the first time, white is the easiest color to be paired with the suit. You could find a cool emerald green suit online and then pair it with a white dress shirt and a black solid tie. A pair of black leather loafers would round off the standard look of the outfit. But if you are choosing the smart casual look then try styling the emerald green prom suit with a white crew neck t-shirt and a pair of white leather low top sneakers. This is one of the most popular looks that is trending right now.

The contrast of the emerald green suit with black combining garments is also no joke since it provides the wearer with a special look that most won’t choose. Styling the emerald green suit for prom with a black dress shirt and a pair of black leather Chelsea boots is a great idea for a special event. It would be better if you choose emerald green velvet 80s prom suit.

If you are ready to see more colors to our green prom suit ideas then here is a perfect outfit for you to start with. Styling a hunter green prom suit with a dark brown printed long sleeve shirt would be a cool style for the summer events. To give it a casual and laid back look, include a pair of white leather high top sneakers.