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Mens Navy Prom Suits

If you want us to name one of the suits that tend to receive a lot of hate and at the same time love then there is no better answer than the navy prom suits. Most people would argue that navy suits are one of the most boring styles you can wear to a wedding or any occasional event but at the same time would have atleast two navy suits in their wardrobe. Navy suits have become an integral part of every person's life so much so that we treat it like family – cannot live without them but makes us want to punch them in the face all the time. Now mens navy suits does not have to be so complicated. We can take off the boring tag off of it but you will need to spend some time to do it.

Navy Blue Suit If you would notice keenly you might have noted that navy suits never really leave a man. Even when you take a look at the celebrities who attend the fashion events and award events there are instances where the navy suits show up. Even the celebrities who are known for their eccentricity in fashion have been atleast spotted once in the navy prom suits. Thus it is time to accept that navy blue prom suits are a part of our life and make our peace with it. Now to make the navy prom suits more interesting it would be best if you spend some quality time in browsing the different styles you can achieve with the said garment and also introduce your own twist in the styling instead of sticking with the same old standard styling of the suits. This way you can add spice to the outfits which otherwise would be boring and sometimes even irritating.

One of the major advantages of navy suits that has made it gain this level of importance in our lives is its versatility. Navy blue suits can blend in with any atmosphere whether be it formal or casual – given that it is styled with the right combining garments. Thus the time you spend on researching about the navy suits in your wardrobe and it's styling is never really a waste since they can help you get through any type of event. Consider the type of event you are dressing for and then choose the right outfit that would be appropriate for the event.

If you are still stuck on finding the right combining garments and consequently the outfit then here are some of the ideas that can help you. Truthfully the standard look of navy blue suit with a white dress shirt, black tie and black formal shoes have been burnt into our minds and thus creative styling might be a hard thing to do at the start. Browsing through the web and finding relevant styles to copy would serve as a good start after which you would be ready to find your own outfit styles.

Slimfit Suit Celebrities most times go with the flashy outfits but there are events where they turn up in a subtler look. But even with these subtle looks there might be a tweak or two which makes it quite interesting. Thus if you want to take lessons on making prom navy blue suit attractive then it is time to take lessons from the celebrities.

Chris Hemsworth

Our beloved Thor looks great in everything he wears. But he mostly sticks with the subtler and simpler choices in suits. For the Jimmy Kimmel Live show he attended the man wore a navy blue formal suit that he paired with a white dress shirt and a graphic print tie. With the perfectly styled hair and a lot of accessories the outfit looked perfect on him and the suit color made his eyes pop. But the focal point was the graphic patterned tie since it was eye catching making the whole navy prom suit outfit special.

Zac Efron

If you are looking for ways to pull off a navy checkered prom suit safely then there is no better example then Zac Efron. The man looked incredible in the navy prom plaid suit which he paired with a white dress shirt and a gold tie. He completed this navy blue suit outfit that he wore to European premiere of his film "extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vile" in London with a pair of dark brown loafers. With this dyed hair styled perfectly and the gold tie making the outfit look great he was the prime example of how to wear a plaid suit.

Mark Ruffalo

The Hulk actor is known for his simple yet well dressed looks. In the endgame press Tour he was seen wearing a 2toned blue prom suit which was mid grey in the look. He paired it with a white dress shirt and a lighter grey tie nailing the elegant look.

Zachary Levi

If you take a look at the outfit that Zachary spotted for the premiere of Shazam! In Hollywood you would know that easily can be the definition of simple but elegant. For the event Levi looked rather dashing in the navy blue slimfit suit which he paired with a white dress shirt and a navy knit tie. You can also see how much a good fit can affect the look of the outfit.

For a formal event you can go with a tuxedo blue prom suit and if you want the look to be more noticeable then you can choose velvet navy blue jacket suits. There are a lot of options in the online stores and when you are looking for navy blue wedding suits make sure to find a quality one. Nardoni blue prom suits would give you a great look but you don't have to spend a fortune to get it since they are affordable. Other than the tuxedos you can choose navy blue 3 piece suits for the wedding since they are not as usual as the 2 piece navy prom suits.