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Aqua Blue Suits

Mens-Aqua-Dress-Suits We are all used to seeing men in navy suits especially in the formal events but recently the trend of rocking less formal shades of blue suits have become prevalent especially among the celebrities on red carpets. Starting from aquamarine to electric blue all the eyebrow raising colors are in the round making the fashion world delighted. If you are wondering whether it is a trend only among celebrities then you are mistaken. The trend has taken over most men with more and more unconventional shades seeing the light lately. Thus in this article we make sure contribution to the trend by introducing a lesser known shade of blue suits which is the aqua blue suits and how best to style them this season.

To start, aqua blue is a greenish blue color that looks like a variation of the color cyan. Aqua blue comes under the brighter and lighter side of the blue spectrum and thus is best to be reserved for semi formal and casual events. These lighter shades are considered to be a little hard to pull off when compared to the dark ones like navy suits and midnight blue suits. But when you get to know the basics the styling becomes easy and fun too. You will just have to get a clear idea of what you want and have some idea of the prevailing trend at that time. There are some varying shades of aqua blue and you can choose the one that best suits your taste. For example of you want a slightly darker shade of blue then we recommend you to go with turquoise aqua blue suits like the one actor Michael J. Willett wore to 2014 movie awards in Los Angeles. But if you want a little more green finger to your outfit then you can go with blue paid suits or Aquamarine aqua blue suits.

Mens-Slim-Turquoise-Color-Tuxedo As we mentioned before it is best to style the aqua blue suits for semi formal and casual events in which you mind becoming the talk of the event. This is because of the fact that the aqua blue suits tend to attract a lot of attention naturally because of the light shade. As for the season opt to wear the aqua blue suits for the warmer months like summer and spring. This is because of the fact that aqua blue suits being a bright color might be too flashy for gloomy seasons like winter and fall. But during summer and spring more colors are involved in the season and the amount of natural light pouring in will compensate the bright look of the aqua blue suit while making them even more beautiful.

Since aqua blue suits are mostly recommended for summer events the fabric that the suit is made of becomes an important factor to note. For example if you are attending a semi formal event like a wedding then you can go with cotton aqua blue suits. These suits are light and breathable making it a good choice for summer. For casual events like parties you can opt to go with linen aqua blue suits. The material has better moisture wicking property than cotton but wrinkles easily making it undesirable for formal use. Other than this when you need a suit at a cheaper price then we recommend you to go with synthetic ones like polyester aqua blue suits and rayon aqua blue suits.

After you select the basic features listed above you need to concentrate on getting the details right according to the event you are dressing for. For example if you are wearing the suit to a formal event like award events then you can pair the peak lapel aqua blue suit with a white dress shirt and a standard colored tie. If it is for a dressy event like wedding and you are the groom then you can go with shawl lapel aqua blue suits. The aqua blue suits with different colored collars can also provide you with a distinct look for your special day. Notch lapel aqua blue suits are more of a relaxed style that you can wear to parties and date nights.

Mens-2-Button-Turquoise-Suit Single breasted aqua blue linen suits are the ones that are most preferred since they are more versatile than the double breasted ones. You can look equally good while wearing a single breasted aqua suit with a floral shirt or printed tshirt as you look in it paired with a formal dress shirt. Double breasted aqua blue suits on the other hand might look a little out of place with the casual side but when you style it right you can pull it off. A double breasted aqua blue suit paired with a navy polo and burgundy leather loafers are a good style to start with.

Aqua blue suits are greatly recommended for the summer weddings especially for the groom since they guarantee to deliver a stunning and distinct look. If you are the groom then opt to go with 3 piece aqua blue Tweed suits paired with a formal dress shirt and if required a tie. The vested aqua blue suits give you a formal look without trying much. Another advantage with the three piece aqua blue suit is that even if you decide to lose the jacket for a short time because of the heat they will still make you look dressed up. If you are the guest you can go with casual aqua blue suits look which is the 2 piece aqua blue suits.

Other than the solid aqua blue suits you can go with patterned ones of you are feeling experimental. Start off slow with the pinstripe aqua blue suits and then you can progress on to some fancy aqua blue suits like floral aqua blue suits. The fit of the suit matters a lot since it is a one that gathers attention. Slim fit aqua blue suits and classic cut aqua blue suits are the ones that are most recommended for men.