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Blue Suits

If you are a person who works in a corporate office then chances are high that you have all kinds of blue men's suits in your wardrobe. It is the work essential that isn't too harsh like the black suits and also at the same time not too sombre as the grey suits. The fact that the blue men's suits looks good on almost all skin tones and also pairs well with almost all colors contributes a great deal to the popularity. But this does not mean that blue suit is a boring outfit that you have to wear in the exact same way through the year. In this article we give you some tips that might help you reinvent the blue suitsalready in your wardrobe and would help you purchase a nice one next time.

3-Piece-Blue-Shiny-Suit First of all the reason that the blue men's suits are considered to be a perennial garment is that they are available in numerous shades and thus there is a perfect style for everyone who would like to try one. Thus stop sticking with the navy suits hoarding more than one of the same suit and try to venture out of it. It may be best for you to get to know the shades and their styling aspects so that you can start trying out new styles. This article is focused on just that and if you are interested already read further to get the details.

To start with everyone's favorite the navy blue men's suits have managed to grab the hearts of men and if you have been to London you can feel the unwritten dress code of men with navy blue men's suits and white shirt. This trend is now everywhere and people who work in corporate offices have succumbed to this outfit style the most. The shade of the navy blue suit is dark and thus have earned a place in formality next to the black suits. Thus if you are looking for a good office attire then you can pair a single breasted navy blue suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie. This is a standard attire which you can slightly alter with light blue dress shirts and red ties. For a formal events you can opt for a blue 3 piece suit look that helps you look still more formal and dressy. You might not need to worry much about the formality of the blue wool suits since they are sometimes even acceptable for the black tie events because of the dark hue.

The next choice that we recommend for you is to go with royal blue suits. These suits have a brighter shade that makes the wearer look more classy than the dull navy suits. The Royal blue men's suits might not be the best choice to wear to your regular office day but you can easily style them for special occasions like weddings and important events. For a sophisticated look that you can wear to your wedding you can pair the double breasted blue suit with a white dress shirt and burgundy print tie. You can complete the look by adding a pair of burgundy leather oxford shoes. The royal blue double breasted suits will make you look perfect for your special day without even trying much. For a laid back look you can pair notch lapel blue suit with a white dress shirt and complete the ensemble with white canvas high top sneakers. Remember that the royal blue men's suits tend to attract more attention than the navy suits and thus it might be best to style them for semi formal and casual events.


If you want a formal blue suit but you are already bored with the navy blue suits then you might give a try to the midnight blue suits. They are similar to the navy blue men's suits but might look a little darker than the navy blue men's suits. You cannot go wrong with midnight blue for a formal attire since the midnight blue tuxedos even replaced the black tuxedos for quite some time in history as a formal garment.

The dark shades of the blue suits might be best for all year round but it is mostly recommended for you to try out the lighter shades of blue suits for the warmer months of summer and spring. They complement well the bright season compared to the dark blue men's suits. Go with lightweight blue men's suits for these seasons like cotton blue men's suits and blue linen suits. They will keep the wearer comfortable even when the heat wave hits. The light blue men's suits are mostly recommended for casual events of the summer and spring like summer weddings and parties.

Mens-Two-Button-Indigo-Blue-Suit A 2 piece blue suit paired with a light pink dress shirt and navy tie is a great start for a summer look. For a little more casual look you can pair the skinny fit blue suit with a white polo and white canvas low top sneakers. If you are attending a semi formal wedding then you can go with pairing the a white dress shirt and a beige polka dot tie. You can opt for a pair of dress shoes but the white sneakers suit the summer celebratory vibe more. There are lot of shades in light blue suits like baby blue men's suits, powder blue men's suits and many more that you can try your hand on this summer.

Other than the usual wool blue men's suits and cotton blue men's suits you can go with the less obvious ones when you need a distinct style. For example a silk blue suit or a velvet blue suit will make you look fabulous and are one of the best ways in looking stunning. Other than the materials you can also go with patterned blue men's suits. blue Pinstripe suits are a good choice for a formal look while you can go with blue plaid suits and blue windowpane suits for a slightly casual look. blue Floral suits and blue Paisley suits are best when you want to look dressed up.