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Brown Suits

Dark-Brown-Three-3-Buttons-Style Brown suits are definitely not the one that we first reach out for while shopping. This may be because of the fact that we are used to wearing the standard colors like navy and charcoal gray suits for a long time now. But with fashion trends constantly changing the unconventional colors are making the round among formal fashion of men. Brown suits are one among them. It is best to start with the brown suits if you are the one who is new to trying out these type of styles. In this article we talk about brown suits and some of the best ways to style them.

Most men tend to avoid wearing brown suits since they think that it is hard to pull off. But when you get to know the basics brown suits might become to be one of the most versatile addition to your wardrobe. Brown Wool Suit might be a good choice since it can give you a classy look and you can stand out from the rest. While going with the Ash suits there are some things that you should note and carefully select.

The first thing that you have to select is the right shade of the brown for the suit. There are surprisingly a lot of shades available in brown suits and you can select the one that best suits your style and purpose. Some shades of brown look great for formal use while some of the shades of brown suits are the best for casual use. The shade of the brown suit that you select must also depend on the season in which you are intending to wear the garment.

For a formal event it is best to go with dark brown suits and as the shade gets lighter the formality of suit also reduces. As for the seasons gloomy seasons like winter and fall would require you to go with dark shades of brown suits. As the season gets brighter lighter shades of suits make the best impression. For example if you are attending a formal event like winter wedding that is held in a city venue then you can go with brown pinsripe suits. On the contrary if you are going to a summer wedding or a beach wedding then you can go with a light brown suit since it looks great with the natural light pouring in.

As for the material from which the brown suits are made from again the season at which you are going to wear the suit comes into play. Wool brown suits are one of the best recommendations for the formal events. They are soft and comfortable to wear and also easily available. They come in different weights depending on the climate at the place you live in. Worsted Brown Wool Suit are another great recommendation for formal use. Cotton brown suits are considered to be a lightweight formal alternative to the wool suits. For a semi formal or casual use you can go with linen brown suits. They are breathable and even better at moisture wicking property when compared with the cotton suits. But they wrinkle fast and thus are used for casual events and travelling.

Mens-Brown-Slim-Fit-Suit If you are the groom and you are going with a summer wedding setting then brown chalk sripe suits are one of our recommendations for your special day. Black tuxedos and black suits are slowly losing their hold of the wedding attire and now men are open to more unconventional choices. Brown suits are a great way to start off the trying out new styles phase since they are not too bright and but is also stylish to attract enough attention. For you special day you can go with silk brown suits or velvet brown suits. These luxurious fabrics have a sheen about them that makes the wearer rich and sophisticated. While going with these luxurious brown suits we recommend you to go with dark shades of brown like chocolate brown suits since they look great with the rich fabric. Some of the other recommendations are the Tweed brown suits and seersucker brown suits. The natural fabric suits are comfortable to wear but might be a little expensive. Other than this when you need to go with cheap priced ones then you can go with polyester brown suits and rayon brown suits.

As for styling the brown suits you can go with different combinations that match your style but here are some recommendations that might help you in the process. The details on the brown suit also need to be noted properly. For a formal look you can go with single breasted brown suit paired with a light blue shirt and navy polka dot tie. You can match the look with a pair of burgundy leather oxford shoes. For a little more formal business brown suit look you can pair the double breasted brown suit with a white dress shirt and black leather oxford shoes.

Mens-Brown-Slim-Fit-Suit The 3 piece suits have a elegant look to them thus making it one of the best recommendations for the wedding brown suits. The vested brown suits give a formal look even when you decide to lose the jacket because of the heat. 2 piece brown suits have a more relaxed feel to them that you can wear to both formal and casual events.

The number of buttons on the suit gives a proper look according to the body type. Single button brown suits and 2 button brown suits are the ones recommended usually. If you are a tall person then you can go with 3 button brown suits.

The fit of the brown suits are also important. Skinny fit brown suits are recommended for tall and lean persons. Slim fit brown suits and classic cut brown suits are the ones that are recommended for men who like a slightly roomier fit when compared to the skinny fit brown suits. Big and tall brown suits are best for bulky men.