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Camel Suits

Two-Buttons-Bronze-Color-Suit Every year there are new trends making the entrance or the older styles making a comeback in the fashion industry. But there are some styles that evolve according to the trend and taste of people at that time. One such style is the camel suits and they are making a major comeback this season. In this article we discuss the camel suits and some of the best ways to style them for this season.

For people who aren't clear we are talking about camel as a color and not as an animal. champangne suits have a color that resembles the color of hair of the camel. Some camel men's suits are even made from the hair of the camel but they are a very rare style in suits and more prevalent in outer garments like overcoats and jackets. We say that the camel men's suits are an evolved version since, camel as a color was first adopted to the overcoats in the earlier times. This style is in trend for over 60 years and continue to be one of the most preferred ones by younger generation even today.

The popularity of the camel as a color can be greatly attributed to the fact that the camel coat had a strong military connection as do most of the famous classic styles. The camel color began to be known among the fashion designers in the early 20th century. The camel coat which was made from camel hair was first introduced in 1919 and the at this time the First World War had just ended. Paris which was a fashion hub even then was still recovering from the effects of the war and thus London swooped in by introducing camel coats thus attracting major attention.

By the time of Second World War the camel coats returned again in trend since wool and other major raw materials which were used to make clothing at that time was in short supply. Thus camel hair became a good substitute at the time of need. It also helped that it was durable and functional making them a wartime necessity for the nation. Even before the camel coats came into existence people in the deserts of Asia and Africa noted the adaptable property of camel hairs and started using them in garments. With time the wool again became available and people shifted back to it. But the camel color remained to be a favorite among men and soon were adopted in wool and other clothing making them a favoritecolor choice.

If you are thinking about getting a classic suit the first thing that you will have to actively note is the shade of the camel suit. Camel suits basically come in hues of brown and choosing the right shade will give the garment a luxe appeal that is hard to achieve with any other color. The most preferable shade of camel men's suits that we recommend is the golden brown shade since it can be softer on the eye of the viewer and thus is also more versatile. This is the real camel shade that makes you look luxurious and thus can be a little expensive. But there are other shades that you can try out when you want a budget buy. The khaki camel men's suits are more of a subdued shade that you can try out first if you are not ready for the golden brown camel suits. These suits is a little on the darker side and hence can be styled to formal events too. Other than this there are also other shades of camel men's suits that have yellow or gray or taupe dominating the color. This might give your camel suit a orangish shade which is very different to the original camel color.

Two-Buttons-Bronze-Color-Suit The fabric from which the beige suits are made is also an important factor to note. Since camel is a luxurious color it is best for go with soft fabrics for special use. Wool camel men's suits are the ones that are most preferred but if you are willing to spend some more then we greatly recommend you to try out the cashmere camel men's suits. These suits are softer and more comfortable than wool and gives you a luxurious look that is impeccable. But remember that it requires a lot of maintenance and can wear out fast. Thus it is best to reserve the cashmere camel men's suits for special occasions that happen twice or thrice in a year.

Rhinestone-Camel-Zoot-Suit Since camel is a light color basically it is more preferred for summer use. If you are the groom to a summer wedding then a cotton camel suit or a Burgundy suit might be a good choice especially if you are one among the men who are greatly bored with the usual black tuxedo style of weddings. Cotton and linen are light and breathable making it one of the most preferred fabric for summer use. All these are natural fabrics and thus can be a little expensive. If you are on a budget then we recommend you time go with synthetic ones like polyester camel men's suits and rayon camel men's suits but prepare yourself to compromise on the quality.

Single breasted camel men's suits are the ones that we recommend you to go with since you can style it as both formal and casual garment. Double breasted camel suits might prove to be a little harder to style when it comes to casual use. Other than the usual styles of camel men's suits you can try out the new versions like Mandarin collar camel men's suits and collarless camel suits. Patterned ones like striped camel men's suits and windowpane camel men's suits are also a good pick when you want a distinct style. Ad for the fit of the suit go with slimmer versions for a cool look. Skin fit camel men's suits and skinny fit camel suits are the ones that are most recommended for younger men. For a more relaxed look go with classic cut camel men's suits and Italian cut camel men's suits.