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Chalk Pinstripe Suit

Pinstripe suits have always had a prominent place in formal menswear. The pattern has been extensively used by the bankers and soon spread to casual garments too. But today we discuss the less known stripes suits which is the chalk pinstripe men's suits. If you don't already have one in your wardrobe right now then it is time to get one. In this article we give some of the best tips for styling the chalk pinstripe suits.

Black Pinstripe Suit Pinstripe suits are easy to recognize since it is popular among the formal wear. These pinstripe suits will have thin stripes that are mostly placed close together. But the difference of the chalk pinstripe men's suits with the pinstripe suits is that they tend to have stripes that are thicker and placed slightly far apart. As for the color of the stripes they there are of darker shades and thus more prominent in pinstripe suits. On the contrary even though the stripes are thicker in chalk pinstripe men's suits they are lighter and less apparent. This factor makes the chalk pinstripe suits more versatile and can be easier to style.

When it comes to striped suits or any patterned suits for that matter the styling is restricting and harder when compared to styling solid suits. Thus you might need some basic knowledge and some tips that might make the process easier. As for the combining garments it is mostly recommended for you to go with solid colored shirts and ties since the patterned ones might clash with the chalk pinstripe suits. But this does not mean that you can never pair patterned combining garments with chalk pinstripe men's suits. You just have to do it carefully so that the outfit does not look busy and uncoordinated. So we give you some guidelines that might help you style the chalk pinstripe men's suits without much hitches.

The chalk pinstripe suits give out a formal look nonetheless and thus make sure you go with formal fabrics. Chalk pinstripe Wool suits and cotton chalk pinstripe men's suits are the ones that are most recommended for a formal look. If you want a semi formal look you can go with chalk pinstripe linen suits. For a cheaper price you can go with synthetic ones like polyester chalk pinstripe men's suits and rayon chalk pinstripe men's suits.

As for styling the chalk pinstripe men's suits it is always best to style them as a full suit. You can style them as separates but this style is mostly hard to pull off. Thus if you decide to go with styling chalk pinstripe men's suits as separates then make sure that you carefully coordinate the outfit.

Jet Black Pinstripe Suit Navy Blue Striped Suit Brown 3 Piece Suit 3 Button Pinstripe Suit

The standard styling of the chalk pinstripe suit is to pair it with a formal dress shirt and a tie. While you can pair it with a knit sweater when you need a smart casual look this can be conflicting since the formal chalk pinstripe suits clash with the casual sweater. Thus it is best for you to stick with a dress shirt or a casual shirt instead of a casual sweater. Also the tie less look might not look flattering when it comes to chalk pinstripe men's suits. Make sure that you add a solid or patterned tie when you are styling the chalk pinstripe men's suits.

The details involved with getting the chalk pinstripe men's suits plays a major role in the look that you project. For a fail proof outfit you can go with a standard colored chalk pinstripe suit with a solid white shirt and a solid tie. This is the basic way of styling but when you want to induce a certain level of personality to the outfit then you can focus on the details.

Black Striped Wedding Suit The color of the chalk pinstripe suit determines the formality of the suit to a great degree. For a formal look you can go with the dark ones like chalk pinstripe navy suits or charcoal gray chalk pinstripe suits which comes with white stripes that are faint. You can also go with the dark colored chalk pinstripe men's suits that come with dark stripes. These suits will look like a solid garment from a distance and thus it is one of the best choices for men who like to have a subtle look with chalk pinstripe men's suits. As for the shirt to pair with these dark colored chalk pinstripe men's suits as mentioned before white dress shirt is the safest choice. But when you need a distinct look you can go with light colored pastel shirts like powder blue dress shirt or pale pink dress shirt. While you can go with minimal patterns on the shirts like polka dot dress shirts it is best to avoid the patterns altogether on the shirt. Solid ties are a good choice but with the backdrop of the solid dress shirt you can go with patterned ties like striped ties or Paisley ties.

Chalk pinstripe Three piece suits gives a strong look which some might think to be overpowering. In that case you can simply lose the vest and go with the 2 piece chalk pinstripe suits. Other than this you can leave the jacket out and go with the vest with trousers chalk pinstripe suit look.

For a simple look you can go with single breasted chalk pinstripe men's suits. For a dressy look you can add accessories like pocket square or a tie bar. The double breasted chalk pinstripe men's suits are dressy on their own and for these suits it is best to leave the suits be the main piece of the outfit without adding much accessories.

A midnight blue chalk pinstripe slim fit suit paired with a white dress shirt and a navy Paisley tie is a great look. A black chalk pinstripe classic fit suit paired with a light blue dress shirt and blue striped tie is a nice look for your regular office day. Modern fit chalk pinstripe suits can be worn to both formal and casual events making them one of the most versatile styles that you can own.