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Car Coats

With the winter closing many of us would start viewing our wardrobe with doubt. Is there enough thick garments for me to get through this season without freezing? If you are one among them then do a thorough search and if it is not satisfactory then start to get ready for winter shopping. There is only a certain level of warmth that you can achieve by layering and another thing with layering is that without a perfect plan one could end up looking like a homeless. Therefore, it is important that you have enough winter garments that will keep you warm and at the same time stylish throughout the season. Now if you are convinced then our advice for you is to start shopping before the season gets intense. This is because the stores and the clothing sites tend to stock up winter styles in the start of the season and therefore if you are late then you can end up with left over styles. So it may be best for you to start acting fast and get your resources ready. Now the thing with winter shopping is that there are a lot of styles available and it may get confusing for an impatient buyer. tweed Overcoats are the winter garments that most men prefer and it does not help that there are n number of styles in the overcoats. So get to know these fashionable styles and then choose the one that suits your need and style. In this article we are going to discuss about one such overcoat style that is both functional and stylish - mens car coats.

tweed-over-coats overcoats A mens car coat is one of the styles of overcoat. These are outer garments that are worn over the outfits to keep the wearer warm from the adverse weather elements like wind and cold. These car coats were first designed to be worn by automobile drivers and the passengers. They were designed so that the wearer does not feel cold when riding in the automobile. The car coat when first designed was long so that it covers most of the wearer but with time the length of the car coats shortened.

As the main purpose of the mens car coat is to provide warmth and keep the wearer safe from cold, these coats were designed with heavy materials like wool, fur and leather in the early days. The mens car coats now are designed in a variety of materials which offer it in different thicknesses and colors. The mens car coats aren't a recent design and has been mens fashion for a long time. Before we go into the details of the mens car coats it may be best for you to know its history in men's fashion.

mens black wool coats As we mentioned before the car coats were first designed as garments to be worn while travelling in an automobile. Thus made it widely known as motoring dress. This car coat style. was very famous by the 1900s when driving was looked as an outdoor sport and people gave it a try with interest. At these times the cars were not as we have now. The cars were open at the top and thus the people travelling in the cars needed protective clothing to save themselves from the wind and the cold. The car coats at that time were greatly favored by both men and women. The driver and the passenger wore these long car coats and these car coats were mostly made of fur and was also lined with fur. People wore accessories like gloves, hats and goggles with the mens wool car coats. These accessories are said to have worn by the people all year round. These heavy coats were replaced with duster coats in the summer. They were called duster coats since they were worn over the outfits to protect the wearer and their outfit from the dust that arises while riding the car.

Still in the 1920s the women seemed to favor the car coat designs. The leather car coat designs for the men and the chauffeurs became highly popular during this period. Soon the car coats design became unisex with both men and women favoring the same design to a great deal. After this the war came and by the end of it the car coat designs also began to change. The postwar car coats took major design .

Inspirations from the Jeep coat and this design was greatly popular among the drivers of the open topped vehicles. This design of the car coats were shorter than the previous design and ended by the mid thigh of the wearer. Till the 1960s most car coats were designed in heavy materials like wool and fur but by the start of the 1960s the first car coat was designed in nylon. At that time this was defined as one of the good possibilities which was a washable mock suede car coat which had a brushed fleece nylon lining. While this became famous the real leathers also remained in popularity.

mens Mens-Black-Wool-Coat With all these new designs in the car coat, warmth still remained the main priority of these coats. The design of these coats were taken up a notch higher with them being designed in water repellent poplin that had padded and quilted linings. Soon there were also additions in the black car coat designs like the detachable hoods and toggle fastenings. Fur was still major element in the car coats and was considered to be signature item to go with prestige cars. The length of the car coats were focused up on with 3/4 design gaining major importance since it did not ride up and also feel comfortable to be in while riding.

By the end of the 1960s the car coat became a leisurewear that simply was considered to be a motoring accessory. By then the car coat was produced in variety of fabrics including the man made material. This car coat became a staple item in every man's wardrobe. By the 1980s Hollywood took notice of the style and there were many men who were seen wearing the car coat styles. With time the car coat has gone through many style changes but has still managed to stay relevant after all these years.

car coats today is considered to be one of the most famous winter garments and the style has continued to be favored by women till date. The main characteristics of the car coats are straight collar, diagonal welt pockets, one piece back, buttoned or flat front placket and an A line fit that allows you freedom of movement. As for the style of the car coats they mostly come in single breasted style and with length that reaches up to hip or mid thigh. They are made from a range of fabrics from lightweight cotton to 100% wool. They are one of the best winter garments and give you great warmth. They score a great deal both in style and practicality. If you are thinking of getting a car coat then there are a few things that you will have to keep in mind.

The main things that you will have to note when it comes to purchasing mens winter car coats or any type of coat for that matter is the cut of the coat and the fabric from which it is made from. These two are the main things that determine the performance of the coats and define the use for the money that you spend on it. First of all let us learn about the fabrics available and how to choose one that best suits your need.

When choosing the fabric for the car coat you will need to consider the purpose of the coat that you are purchasing. For example if you are getting the coat as a winter garment and to use for layering then it may be best for you to go with thick fabrics like wool and fur. Wool is a great fabric when it comes to coats. Most of the coats style that we see in the market are made of some variations of wool. Wool is a soft and comfortable fabric that makes you look good. Another added benefit with the wool is that they give you a lot of options to choose from. For example if you decide to go with mens car coat style that you can also wear in summer and spring then you can go with lighter mens wool car coats. The wool provided variations easily which may not be the case with fur. Also, wool coats are reasonably priced and thus easily affordable by all.

mens Mens-Four-Button-Single-Breasted Cashmere is a luxury fabric that will cost you many times than belted wool coats. But the cashmere coats are softer and more comfortable than the woollen coats. It may be best for you to get these cashmere car coats if you already have a wool coat for daily purposes. Cashmere coats are better to be reserved for special occasions that happen twice or thrice in a year since the cashmere garments can easily wear out in places of maximum utility like the cuffs and the collars.

Fur car coats are the best if you are a person who is living in a place that tends to have extreme winters. Fur gives warmth to the maximum degree. But most men would not prefer to go with full fur coats therefore if you are one among them you can opt for fur additions on wool car coats in major places like collars, cuffs and hoods. Therefore, keep in mind the purpose of the coat and the intensity of the winter in the place that you live before selecting your car coat style.

As for the fit of the car coats they are considered to be casual styles of coats and therefore the fit of the coat should be comfortable. Make sure that you have enough room to wear your outfits. The car coat should not be too tight when worn over any outfits be it formal like suits or casual like t-shirt and jeans. As for the length they are available in short and mid thigh length. Go with the one that best suits your height and stature. Most tend to go with thigh length ones since they seem more formal.

Dark-Black-Color-Wool-Coat The next thing that you will have to note when purchasing for the car coat is the color of the coats. For this consider how you are going to use these coats. If you are intending to use these car coats for both formal and casual use then it is best for you to go with classic colors of these car coats. Black, brown and charcoal gray would work for this purpose. But if you are thinking of using these car coats only for casual events like weekend outing and stroll through the city then you can go with other lighter colors and brighter colors. When you select the color of the car coats you must also keep in mind the season at which you are going to wear the garment. For example if you are purchasing the car coat to be worn in the winter season then best go with muted colors since the brighter colors tend to stand out too much in the winter season. Black, gray, bottle green, charcoal gray, navy blue are some of the suggestions for the winter car coats. But if you are getting your car coat to wear it in the summer or spring season go with slightly brighter colors since they look great under the natural light. Make sure to pair with your outfit so that it blends and makes a perfect match. Another way you can decide on the color is to browse through your wardrobe and select the color of mens car coat that would best pair with most of your outfits.