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Mens Baby Blue Suits

While a perfectly tailored suit can argued to in style for all year long but this is not the case with the fabric of the suit. While a wool suit might still look impeccable while styled on a summer day they will make you sweat like crazy. Thus it is important that you have seasonal suits that you can wear according to the change in seasons. The same theory goes for the color of the suit. While a navy suit or a charcoal gray suit might still work for summer lighter colored suits are much preferred. In this article we discuss the baby blue suits and why you should have one in your suits collection.

Baby Blue Zoot Suit As mentioned before the dark colored suits are definitely year long wear but the reason why the light colored clothes are preferred for summer use is that the dark colored clothing will tend to absorb much heat. The heat is retained in the garment for a long time thus making it uncomfortable for the wearer to go dressed in dark colored suits on a hot summer day. Thus it might be a better choice to go with lighter shades of suits on these summer days and our recommendation for you is to try out the baby blue suits.

For people who don't know baby blue is one of the most popular shades of blue that is on the lighter side of the color spectrum. This shade is fresh and is mostly used in decorating nurseries and children rooms because of its soothing look. As for the name most of the babies are born with blue eyes because of the lack in melanin pigment. This might be one of the reasons why the name for the particular shade of blue came into existence.

baby blue suits have a youthful fresh look that can be a great choice for the warmer months of summer and spring. The dark colored suits still work for the warmer months but the light ones like baby blue suits match the celebratory vibe of the season more. The drawback of the baby blue suits is that they aren't versatile like their dark colored counterparts. While the dark shaded ones like navy blue suits and mens midnight blue suits can be styled to almost all formal and casual events the light colored ones like mens baby blue suits are restricted to the semi formal and casual events. Wearing mens baby blue suit to your office might make you look lethargic and unprofessional. But with the corporate dress codes relaxing the light colored suits might soon make an entrance in the formal workwear.

2 Button Suit 3 Piece Suit Single Breasted Suit Baby Blue Suit

As for styling the baby blue suits here are some ideas that might make the process easier. When it comes to mens baby blue suits fit of the suit is the most important thing that you will have to focus. The light colored suits attract more attention regardless of the season in which you are wearing it. Thus there is a need for you to style it in an impeccable way. We always recommend you to go with slimmer fits that complement your body type. Custom made baby blue suits are the best choice available but not everyone would afford the cost of the bespoke suit. If you are one among them then you can go with off the rack baby blue suits.Skinny fit baby blue suits are a good style when you need a casual garment that you can wear to parties and such. Mens baby blue Slim fit suits and modern fit mensbaby blue suits give a more formal look when compared to skinny fit. If you are a person who prefers a roomier fit with suits then we recommend you to go with mens baby blue classic fit suits or mens baby blue big and tall suits.

When you need a distinct style you can opt to go with patterned baby blue suits but try to keep the patterns subtle. Mens baby blue Pinstripe suits and mens baby blue plaid suits are some of the best recommendations when you want a casual summer look.

The combining garments that you wear with the mens baby blue suits play a major role in the look that you project. For a subtle look you can pair the mens baby blue suits with light colored shirts and ties. For example a single breasted mens baby blue suit paired with a white dress shirt and white canvas high top sneakers is a solid look for a summer event. Other than this you can also try out lighter colors like pale pink and gray shirts. But the standard recommendation is to go with slightly neutral tones like white, ivory and beige.

Polyester Suit Blue On the contrary when you need a dressy look you can pair the mens baby blue suit with a contrasting color combining garments. For example a notch lapel mens baby blue suit paired with a printed black dress shirt whr black leather double monks is a nice casual look. If you want a smart casual look you can pair the mens baby blue shawl lapel suit with a gray dress shirt and multi colored Paisley tie. To ground the outfit you can pair it with a formal footwear like black leather oxford shoes.

Other than this you can use the color wheel for styling the outfit. For a contrasting look you can pair the mens baby blue suit with orange tie since blue and orange are on the opposite sides of the color wheel. For a blended look you can try out pastel colors or vivid ones like orchid or apple green. For a dressy look go with dark colored combining garments. For example a mens baby blue single button suit paired with a black dress shirt and black leather loafers is a great outfit for a evening party. If you think that the black is too contrasting then go with less contrasting ones like deep brown.