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Sage Suits

Mantoni-Walnut-Color-Wool-Suit Sage is the shade of green that is suddenly everywhere. It is no surprise with all the pastel and neutral colors becoming popular in recent times. Even in the runways sage men's suits have dominated the menswear. If you are a person who loves trying out the new styles then sage men's suits is the best for you. Thus we bring all the tips and tricks necessary to rock the sage green suits.

For people who are curious sage is a shade of green that edges towards the lighter end of the spectrum. They also slightly mix with the olive and muted yellow shades. It can be regarded as the neutral shade since it gives the perfect middle of the road without being too bright or too dull. Men who hesitate to try the green suits since they think that it is hard to pull off can start out with the burgundy suits since they give you a subtle look but with a twist from the usual suits. The sage men's suits might have a little faded yellow shade with a tiny of green.

Mens-Two-Buttons-Gray-Suit The main advantage with the tan suits is the shade of it. As mentioned before it can be considered to be almost neutral but another quality that makes it truly special is that the shade is transitional. Keeping in mind the slightly bright nature of green it may not be a surprise when we say that sage men's suits work great for the warmer months like summer and spring. You can pair it with bright colored clothes like pink shirts and yellow shirts. But what truly surprises is the fact that the sage men's suits also work perfectly during the gloomy ones like winter and fall. This is because of the earthier nature of the shade. The sage men's suits will work perfectly when combined with the usual winter colors like brown, navy and gray making it truly exceptional.

When you observe carefully you would note that the sudden popularity of the sage men's suits was a result of a slow building process. The sage men's suits have accumulated all the positives of the previously existed trends. For example the military green has been trending for a long time. But with fitted suits you retain the olive drab of the military green but with the subtler look. You can now rock the utility coats and the safari jackets without drawing too much of attention. Also green is a rare color for men to pick out without thinking too much. Though many shades like turquoise, emerald green and many others have come into use in menswear but most have faded away from use since they are considered to be too bright or dull. But with sage suits it offers the perfect middle ground that is more palatable. Another great factor is the rise of the unisex fashion in recent times. The sage men's suits with its neutral ground offers the best and thus is now a favorite both in mens and women's fashion. While the sage can remind you of the military green it also has a softness that gives a feminine look. Thus the sage men's suits have gained the advantage once again because of its transitional property.

As for styling the sage green suits there are some tips that we think will help you in the process. As mentioned before it can be worn in all seasons but you can vary the material from which it is made from depending on the dominant climate at your place. For example if you are at a chilly place then it is best to go with wool sage men's suits. But if you are getting it for summer use then go with lightweight fabrics like patterend suits. They are lighter and have better breathability. They also have impressive moisture wicking property making them good to wear in the sweaty days.

Sage suits have a subtle property that is best for semi formal and casual use. For fun events you can try out the silk sage suits and velvet sage suits. It is always recommended to go with natural fabrics but when you need cheap priced sage suits then it is better to go with polyester sage men's suits and rayon sage suits.

Sage-Peak-Lapel-Zoot-Suit Single breasted sage men's suits are most recommended since they are versatile. You can wear them with both formal and casual clothes. But double breasted sage men's suits give a more formal look and may look out of place in casual events. 3 piece slim fit suits are the ones that can give you a perfect look for summer weddings. 2 piece sage suits are more subtle and you can pair them with t-shirts or casual shirts for summer parties and such.

As for styling the sage men's suits you can start with pairing them with base tones like black, white, navy or gray so that they create a nice smoky contrast with the neutral tone. For a brighter look you can pair it with other brighter greens, yellows or pink. When you go with these combinations the beige suits can help cool down the other wise bright look if the yellows and pink. When you need a subtle earthy look you can pair the sage green suits with browns especially the deeper ones. The green and brown combined can give a naturistic combination.

The fit of the sage green suits is another important factor to note since as the fabric gets lighter more obvious is the fit of the suit. If you are a tall and slim person then a skinny fit sage suit paired with a floral shirt and a pair of loafers is a great choice. When you need a slightly formal look then pair the slim fit sage men's suits with a white shirt and a plaid tie. As for the classic fit sage men's suits it is the most preferred one since you can wear it more comfortably even throughout the whole day. Big and tall sage men's suits are recommended for men who are not satisfied with the above fits.