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Extra Long Suit

Two-Buttons-Black-Wool-Suit One of the major factors that influence the look of the person is the fit of the garments that they wear. This is especially true when it comes to formal garments like suits and tuxedos. The fig of the suit that you wear should tightly accentuate your body type so that you have a balanced look. For a perfect fit of the suit usually custom made suits are recommended but nowadays the fit of off the rack suits have become much better. But men who do not have the ideal fit or body type still have difficulty in selecting the right fit. There are very few brands and shops that accommodate these not so regular fits. But in our site we stock the extra long suits and if you are a person who is tall and have difficulty in finding the right fit then this article is for you.

Most of the time when it comes to big and tall fits slight variations can make for a better fit. But the key is to find the variation that is required for your body type. When it comes to tall men the length of the suit jacket matters a lot in the look that they project. If the suit jacket is too long then you might end up looking tacky but if the jacket is too short then you risk looking too flashy. Also when you want a longer suit jacket you have to go with the next size and this means that the jacket is also going to be bigger. Thus the beige suits are introduced so that you can have a longer length without the jacket being too big.

Two-Buttons-Black-Wool-Suit The fabric from which the champagne suits are made also plays a major role in the look. Wool long suits are the ones most recommended since they give a better drape when compared to the lightweight ones. They are also available in Varieties like worsted wool long suits and flannel long suits which makes them a easy buy. Also the wool long suits are the ones that are recommended for business use since they deliver a formal clean look.

If you are a person who dislikes the bulkier look of wool suits and would like a slimmer look you can go with lightweight long suits. Cotton long suits are the ones that are most recommended for formal use. Linen slim fit suits are for semi formal and casual events like summer weddings and parties. If truth be told linen has better moisture wicking characteristics when compared to cotton but also wrinkles easily which might be considered to be a major drawback for formal use. But if you are still impressed with the linen suits performance then we recommend you to try out the blends of linen long suits that tend to wrinkle much less when compared to pure linen suits.

Luxurious ones like silk long suits and velvet long suits are the ones that are mostly recommended for special occasions. Synthetic ones like Polyester extra long suits and rayon long suits are recommended for people who are on a budget.

As for the details involved with the mint suits the number of buttons on the suit and other things like button stance also matter a lot. The v neck created when the suit jacket is fully buttoned is the major factor that influences your look. Therefore you can manipulate the look that you project by selecting the number of buttons on the suit jacket with care. Single button extra long suits and 2 button long suits are recommended for men who are on the taller as well as the bulkier side. The deep neck created will balance out the look and can make you look slimmer. For tall persons 3 button long suits are the ones that are most recommended since the high neck will create a balanced look between the long legs and short torso of the wearer. Whether be it the single breasted or double breasted style the last button of the suit jacket is usually left open to better facilitate movement near the hips and legs.

Two-Buttons-Black-Wool-Suit As for the button stance you can go with a larger button stance long suits in case you dislike more number of buttons on your suit. But make sure that the buttons are not placed too much apart since when fully buttoned they can create gaps especially if the wearer is slightly on the bulkier side.

If you are a tall and lean person then you can choose either of the single breasted long suits or the fancy suits. But if you are a bulky person then the single breasted extra long suits deliver a nice look when compared with the double breasted style.

Two-Buttons-Black-Wool-Suit As for the color of the suits for formal use go with darker ones like navy blue burgundy suit and charcoal gray long suits. But for semi formal or casual use like weddings and parties you can go with lighter ones like beige extra long suits and tan long suits. For a more distinct look you can try out the patterned ones. Pinstripe long suits and plaid long suits are recommended for casual use while the luxury ones like floral long suits and Paisley extra long suits are recommended for special occasions use.

While styling the extra long suits one recommendation is for you to go with broken suit styling. Going with this look can break up your upper and lower torso thus giving you a slightly less taller and slimmer look. The fit of the suit also matters a lot for the proper styling of the suit. Slim fit long suits and skinny fit long suits are the ones recommended if you are a tall and lean person. Classic fit long suits are recommended for men who like roomier design of suits.