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Military Suits

Suits were considered to be the most formal wear in the early times. But with time many variations of the suits appeared according to the changing needs of the people. Suits were everywhere and military was not an exception to this. The military men's suits were designed to look manly and at the same time functional considering the needs of the soldiers for whom it was designed. The military men's suits soon entered the civilian fashion and gained a new place. This style continues even today and if you are curious then here is everything that you need to know about military suits.

Wine Military men's Suit

The military men's suits that we have today are the variations of the original suits that soldiers wore at the time of wars. At the start the suits were usually of bright colors like red and bright blue since warfare was different at that time. Soldiers fought by physical means and with the bright colored uniforms it was easy for the officials to identify the progress of the war. But when the warfare changed to what it is now the military uniforms also changed to adapt. Soldiers no longer engaged in physical fight and instead used fire arms that made it possible to attack the enemy from a distance. Thus the need for bright military men's suits diminished and soon the military men's suits were manufactured in muddy colors so that they can be camouflaged with the muddy trenches. This technique was an idea that originated when the British officials saw the Indian soldiers in their army smear mud on their military uniforms and the positive results it bore. Soon most of the countries caught on the trend and even today you can note that the military uniforms of most nations come in colors that can be easily camouflaged with the terrain of the area.

When the soldiers returned home after they fought in wars they still wore their uniforms like a medal. Soon civilians who liked the style and the functionality of the military men's suits started forming new styles that were a derivative of the original military men's suits. People also considered wearing these clothing as a patriotic act to the nation. Thus the military men's suits rose in popularity and soon gathered a lot of fan following. The military men's suits are also widely known as safari suits. The safari military men's suits were a greatly popular style at their time and many of the prominent figures were spotter wearing safari suits. Prince Charles was seen rocking a safari suit on his Charles and Diana heyday and it was considered to be the style favorite of the writer Ernest Hemingway. Hollywood soon found the style irresistible and Sean Connery's James Bond was seen wearing a putty colored cotton military men's suit. The military safari suit jacket had a straight cut which is a difference from the traditional safari suits. He wore it with matching trousers and beige slip on shoes. Thus you can assume the reach of the trend when James Bond is a popular fashion icon at all times.

The safari military men's suits originally started out from Africa and soon fascinated the Americans to a great deal. Americans visiting Africa bought along with them safari military men's suits that soon started to gain popularity back home. Nowadays the safari military men's suits are manufactured in United States since there are some people who still like the vintage look that the suit offers. The safari military men's suits are still preferred by men who like to go hunting.

The military men's suits were first produced in wool but now are available in various fabrics. For a fitted look we may suggest you to go with military wool suits. But note that the military men's suits are mostly worn in summer or spring and thus wool suits might feel a little stuffy. In that case you can go with lightweight military men's suits and cotton military suits are a good choice when you need a breathable garment. military Silk suits and military velvet suits are a rare style and are most suited for some costume parties and such events. For a cheap buy go with synthetic ones like polyester military men's suits and rayon military men's suits.

As for styling the safari military men's suits it looks good on men who have a good build. Athletically built men look great when wearing a military men's suit giving it an authentic feel. Another advantage with the military men's suits is that there are a lot of pockets on it which is helpful when you are a person who likes to carry a lot of small things with you.

Olive Military Suit As for the color of the military men's suits as mentioned before they are mostly available in dull colors that can be easily camouflaged with the surroundings. military Khaki suits and brown military men's suits are the ones that are mostly preferred since they blend in well with the muddy terrain. Other than this the green military men's suit and olive military men's suits are a good look for terrain with forests and trees. There are other colors of military men's suits like tan military men's suits and navy blue military men's suits that are also popular. You can choose the one that suits your taste and personality the best. For an authentic look go with khaki safari suits or green safari suits while others are a style variation of the original ones.

The last thing that you will have to carefully note while getting the military men's suits is the fit of the garment. Loose safari suits are not a good look as with any of the formal garments and thus make sure you go with the nicely fitted one. military Slim fit suits and modern fit military men's suits are the ones that are most preferred and can fit you nicely. When you need a slightly roomier fit then go with military classic fit suits or military big and tall suits. Which ever be the fit make sure that you feel comfortable while wearing the garment. There are no right fit to recommend and the choice depends on the comfort of the wearer.