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Mens Linen Suits

When it comes to looking classically appropriate, mens linen suits are a wise and respectable choice. One only needs to check out famous movie stars and the attire they often wore for a certain film. two piece linen Men's suits can be seen throughout some famous flicks.

Take, for example, the iconic period film "The Great Gatsby." Designer Ralph Lauren was used as a consultant on the set and dressed actor Robert Redford in a memorable, summer linen suit. To be accurate, Redford wore a handsome double breasted linen suit in the shade of pink. It wasn't a skinny fit linen suit, however. In this case, Gatsby costume designer Theoni V Aldredge and Lauren created the suit that included loose "Oxford baggies" trousers. This kind of linen business suit was a popular men's look in the 1920s.

Some won't ever forget young Leonardo DiCaprio starring in the Gatsby movie as Jay Gatsby. He, too, was clothed in a more slim fit linen suit, and it was a lighter shade of pink than Redford's and had a vest. Still, both actors looked impeccably dressed because linen is an exquisite fabric. Whether it's a 3 piece linen suit, a linen striped suit, a linen groom suit or a mens casual linen suit, a gentleman can't go wrong.

Linen is both elegant and comfortable, and yes, it's supposed to wrinkle. It looks natural, and men of all ages, shapes and sizes can wear it. There is the big and tall linen suit, a linen pant suit, linen suit wedding attire, mens casual linen Men's suits and linen walking suits. Yes, there are also cheap linen Men's suits for the man on a budget.


Cary Grant was, perhaps, one of the most debonair actors in Hollywood of his time. He was handsome, well-groomed and stylish. He often wore linen suit jackets and a variety of tailored linen Men's suits in his movies.

One can watch Grant's films and admire his effortlessly crisp, gentlemanly appearance. More often than not, he's dressed in a sharp-looking linen business suit.

It's pretty much a perfect sense of male fashion.

Linen suits that are an all time desired choice for men are definitely one of the oldest favorites as well. The fabric is old and well known for its softness and rich look. A linen suit is mainly for men who love comfortable suits that give great look is the first choice. Classy linen Men's suits can give men a laidback but classy look as it is a perfect wear for sultry climate and holiday moods. Linen Men's suits are mostly loose fitting and that is the reason why they don't need a traditional tailoring. Mens suits linen are the best choice for a relaxed mood especially during holidaying. A linen suit surely does makes women heads turn and is a darling for men.

White linen Men's suits are special when compared with other shades of linen Men's suits as it is the natural color of the fabric. Apart from this linen Men's suits look classy and appealing when they are in white color. However you wear linen, this special variety of fabric is the best friend for men who love casual style and loose fit. Linen suits are commonly worn as loose fitting and hence they don't need any traditional tailoring. The mood of white linen Men's suits is just apt for a good holiday mood and is suitable for muggy days as it is well-ventilated and loose-fitting. Though linen is seen as a casual fabric, we can find them more suitable for suits that are worn as formal wear. Linen soft and can have a lot of wrinkles so it is important that we maintain a formal linen suit without wrinkles to give that crisp look. These suits are mostly worn in tropical climate areas and during business meeting in any sultry areas to fight the heat. Men who love to wear linen suits normally try picking white linen suit just because it is the natural occurring color of the fabric.