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Mens Business Suits

Are you starting a new job? This might be one of the most exciting phases of your life but there would also be equal amounts of nervousness. Adding to all that there is also the pressure of wearing the right attire. Business suits is a term that might be quite confusing for some people since there is no definite definition to it. It changes with the institution that we are talking about, the country or even the state you live in. Thus finding the right business suit might not be a very easy job but we are here to guide you through it. At the end of this article we would have helped you find the right business suit that would make you look born ready for the job.

Navy Blue Suit Brown Suit Pinstripe Suit Grey Suit

When it comes to business suit design as we have mentioned before the institution matters the most. If you would have asked to define a business suit to a person in the late 1990s the definition would have a wide difference to the one that we currently perceive as the business suits. The institutions and the companies have come a long way from demanding its employees to turn up in fully styled suits everyday. Most of the companies have moved towards the business casual suit model but there are still some with the conventional ways. Thus your first step in finding the right business suit would be to find whether there is a constant attire mentioned. Most companies have their ideal attire mentioned and along with it some tips.

If you don’t have much luck with that we have an alternative which would work. It is to observe your company and find what type of attire would work the best there. Observe the people who already work there and it would help if they are respected seniors. This way you can form an idea of what would be the ideal business suit for you. Copying some of these styles might work for you at the start but make sure that you form your own style after some observation and guidance. You don’t want to be that person who steals outfit ideas.

Now there are different business suit attires which would help you find the right style for you. We would like to list some and what it means to have this attire at your office.

Business professional attire

This is one of the most standard and business formal attires present. If you join a company which has this attire then you might start looking for the rules page under the dress attire. Business professional dress code has a clear set of rules mentioned. Though it is a formal style it would be easy to find business suits for this attire since you just have to follow the rules.

Navy Suit Classic men’s business suits are required for this dress code and the suit should mean business. A two piece or three piece suit would be appropriate and both the pants and jacket should be of matching color and made from the same type of cloth. Go with two piece business suit for regular days while the business 3 piece suit is usually reserved for the special occasions.

Here are some of the business professional attire ideas that might get you through the work week. For a simple yet efficient style you can go with a well fitted wool business navy suit dress and pair it with a white dress shirt and a burgundy tie. Always complete the business professional attire with a pair of nicely polished formal dress shoes. If there is an important meeting involved then you can choose the 3 piece attire by styling the navy business suit dress with a white dress shirt, black tie and a black vest. You can also choose the matching vest to the suit when you want a classic look. Add with it accessories like a watch and a tie pin to make the look great.

Business casual attire

Business Suit Business casual attire is one of the most popular attires present now. This is greatly casual when compared with the above mentioned formal dress code. If your company has this dress code then you might just get over the week without wanting to desperately get out of the suits. Business casual attire does not need to be expensive and if you have the right style then you can even make do with the garments that are already in your wardrobe.

Business casual attire is slightly more casual than the business professional style. Instead of the full business suit style complete with the dress shirt and a tie you can leave the tie at your home with the business casual style. It also means that you can swap your dress pants with a pair of chinos and some companies even allow its employees to wear jeans. If there are jeans involved in the dress code then make sure that you go with the dark ones that are well fitted.

The key of a good smart casual business suit is to leave out some of the formalness but still look appropriately dressed up for the event. You can also include business suit patterns when it comes to these dress codes. Usually business pinstripe suits are the ones that are most recommended. A navy pinstripe business suit coat paired with a light blue dress shirt and a pair of dark brown leather dress shoes would be a great outfit for your regular day at the office. You can also go with the separates look by styling the business suit jacket with different garments.

Casual attire

This type of attire is extremely rare for the corporate settings. There are almost no rules with this attire and you can wear what you like. You can try going with the bold patterns like thebusiness plaid suits and camo business suits. In states like Texas and Kansas there might be businesses that would allow its employees to wear the western business suits.