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4 Button Tuxedos

A 4 button tuxedo can be worn for many special occasions. The 4 button tuxedo is longer than a traditional 3 button tuxedo or a 2 button tuxedo. A 4 button tuxedo gives the look of a formal outfit and has the satin trim of any other tuxedo.

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What makes a tuxedo a tuxedo is the satin! A tuxedo always has a satin lapel or it is not considered a tuxedo. A tuxedo also has satin trim around the pockets usually and always a satin stripe down the leg. However, recent fashion has done away with some of the trademark designs of the traditional tuxedo. For example, a solid black zoot suit without the satin trim can be substituted for a 4 button tuxedo. The 4 button tuxedo makes for a nice formal look at any occasion! A tuxedo shirt is a nice complement to a tuxedo.

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