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Paisley Sport Coats

Clothes can make the man or woman if they’re well-made, stylish and worn with self-assurance and nothing makes you feel as opulent and full of confidence than a well-fitting coat. Enter paisley sport coats, a breath of fresh air in the world of coats and comfort wear. Sleek lines, luxury, and style are the norm for paisley sport coats no matter the size. Thoughtful superior additions bring their glitter sport coats to the forefront featuring lining in the pant down to the knee ensuring resistance to bunching, sliding and reducing friction permitting less wear and tear on the garment with the pant able to stylishly keep its form no matter the situation. Classically constructed of extra-fine wool, unhemmed and available in a wide leg, the pants allow movement and structure without giving up form made with buttoned-down front belt loops these pants provide comfort and consistent style. Unhemmed pants are far more desirable permitting your pant to be custom-hemmed to the exact length desired allowing it to fall fashionably over the shoe.

Run your hand over the classic smooth lines and your mind is aware of the poised, hip and stylish Hollywood legends like Cary Grant in Holiday or Cillian Murphy and his crew in Peaky Blinders, even Katherine Hepburn breaking the mold in women’s fashion in a well-fitting paisley sport coat. That luxurious, breathtaking feeling is available again, reborn and reimagined promoting the self-assured and well-tailored ensemble that powerful men and women seek in their attire.

The enduring style of paisley sport coats fashionably synch together, elegantly composed and a masterful accomplishment of comfort, sophisticated elegance, and expert workmanship, each piece timeless. What was old is new again, style brought back to the forefront, available not just in London or Paris but to all who seek an affluent look at an affordable price.