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Camouflage Tuxedos

There are a lot of styles that have originated from the military styles like peacoats and trench coats. Likewise one of the patterns that has become a major hit in menswear fashion that had it's origins in the military is the camouflage style. While the style was a common one in the casual clothing like pants and t-shirts recently they have also permeated the formal clothing industry. Camouflage suits and camouflage men's tuxedos have been trending in recent times and in this article we are going to discuss all about the camouflage men's tuxedos trend.

Camouflage as you know is the combination of colorations and patterns that will make the object blend in with the surroundings. The camouflage is even in nature with the example of the leopards spots that makes it concealed with the surrounding. This camouflage technique have been known to mankind for a long time but was adopted in military only in the last century. Earlier to that the warring style of the nation's were different when the soldiers fought physically. Because of this the soldiers were provided with bright colored uniforms in red and blue which made the higher officials easily recognise their allies and enemies in the field. But when the warring technique changes to using weapons which can be fired from a distance camouflage technique came into use. The soldiers in the trenches wanted to blend in with the surrounding and thus the khaki camouflage clothing and olive green camouflage clothing were introduced. After the end of the war when the soldiers returned to their home they still wore the style which were fast to capture the attention of the civilians.

Today the camouflage style is majorly used in casual clothing but the camouflage trend is picking up in formal clothing like suits and tuxedos. Tuxedos are formal garments that are usually styled for formal events like black tie events. But the camouflage tuxedos are not the formal styles and they are more of a casual style. The popularity of the camouflage tuxedo trend can be a great deal attributed to the 2013 reality show called Duck Dynasty that had a large fan following. In the opening credits of this show the side characters are seen wearing tuxedos that have camouflage accents on it while the main character features a full on camouflage tuxedo. The show had a lot of viewership ratings and after that many of the tuxedo rentals sported an increasing demand for the camouflage men's tuxedos. These tuxedos were even popularly known as Duck Dynasty tuxedos. From that time the camouflage men's tuxedos have become a solid style that men still prefer to wear. With the increase in demand there are a lot of styles in camouflage men's tuxedos coming out every year.

The alphine camouflage tuxedo is the one that you should go with when you need a stylish garment that will make you stand out from the crowd ironically for the camouflage pattern. This casual camouflage tuxedo has mossy oak break up pattern and this a pattern that the hunters mostly wear. This type of camouflage tuxedo features a notch lapel and is 2 buttoned. The camouflage notch lapel tuxedo had it's lapels satin faced and also on the collar and edges. You can pair this camouflage tuxedo with a black silk shirt and a matching camouflage bow tie.

The color of the camouflage tuxedo is the most important thing that you should note. Going with the darker colors of camouflage men's tuxedos means that you can have a little chance at blending in. camouflage Navy tuxedos and black camouflage men's tuxedos are the ones that are most recommended. Brown camouflage men's tuxedos and olive green camouflage tuxedos are the ones that you should go with when you need a traditional colored garment.

The light colored camouflage men's tuxedos are also a good pick but you should be ready for the stares that you receive. Though the camouflage men's tuxedos are trending in the moment it is still a relatively new style and people are not used to seeing people walking around in a full on camouflage garment let alone a tuxedo. So when you go with light colored camouflage men's tuxedos like khaki camouflage men's tuxedos and camouflage tan tuxedos make sure you pair them with simple combining garments like white shirts and black shirts for creating a balanced look.

As for the type of lapel on the camouflage tuxedos the camouflage peak lapel tuxedos are easy to style when compared to the notch lapel ones. If you are selecting the camouflage tuxedo for your wedding then you can also go with camouflage notch lapel tuxedo that comes with contrasting colored lapel like the black lapel.

3 piece camouflage men's tuxedos that come complete with a vest is the one that is mostly recommended since they give you more options to style the garment. For example you can wear it as a full on three piece camouflage tuxedo but you can also lose the vest and go with a usual 2 piece camouflage tuxedo look. Other than this you can also lose the jacket and simply go with the vested camouflage tuxedo look without the jacket.

If you are not ready for the full camouflage tuxedo look then you can use it as separates to start off slowly. A camouflage single button tuxedo jacket paired with a black turtleneck and a pair of black chinos is a good look when you want a smart casual look. For a stylish look you can style the camouflage tuxedo pants with casual garments like tshirts or sweaters. Starting out with casual style of camouflage tuxedos will help you get used to the style and then confidently wear the camouflage tuxedo look.

The fit of the camouflage tuxedo is one of the most important things to note. Make sure which ever the style of camouflage tuxedos you are going with it is perfectly fitting. Custom made camouflage tuxedos are good but camouflage slim fit tuxedos and classic fit camouflage tuxedos are also a good pick.