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Mens Tuxedo Shoes

Mens tuxedo-shoes is the last crucial detail that you will have to consider carefully when you need a perfect looking formal outfit. While the shoes are a small detail and thus some would fail to choose it properly. But remember that the shoes are one of the most noted details on your outfit. Thus it is still more important that you choose the right style of mens tuxedo-shoes since you are required to show perfectly dressed up when you opt to wear a tuxedo to an event. In this article we discuss the mens tuxedo-shoes and some of the best ones that you can choose for yourself.

There are a lot of types in mens tuxedo-shoes but the main defining characteristic that you will note in every one of them is the aesthetic minimalism. Most of the time the mens tuxedo-shoes are devoid of the flashy details and decorations sticking with the traditional black style with minimal decorations. Also the small, slim and light nature of the mens tuxedo-shoes are the important factors that you will have to note when you need to purchase these shoes.

As for the material of the mens tuxedo-shoes patent leather was the one that was used from the mid 19th century to the mid 20th century after which the well polished calfskin was used as an alternative. Whichever the material is the main thing there to note is the need for the high gloss of the mens tuxedo-shoes. This gloss of the mens tuxedo-shoes were first introduced so that they match well with the silk facings on the lapels and the side stripes of the tuxedo jacket and tuxedo pants. The quality of the mens tuxedo-shoes is an important factor to note and sometimes you will see vinyl mens tuxedo-shoes that will look like a cheaper alternative to the high priced patent leather mens tuxedo-shoes but the vinyl shoes will soon crack and peel off while the patent leather shoes will last for a long time with good maintenance.

Brown Formal Shoes
As we mentioned before there are a lot of styles in the mens tuxedo-shoes and you can choose the one that would fit your taste. Here are some of the examples from which you can choose. Our first recommendation is the formal pump mens tuxedo-shoes which are also widely known as court shoes. This style is considered to be the most traditional one since it has been in style for over 3 centuries. These classic mens tuxedo-shoes are a good choice if you need an elegant pick to pair with your tuxedos. These mens-tuxedo formal shoes mostly come with a silk bow which is either flat or pinched. These types of mens tuxedo-shoes are considered to be the best shoes for dancing since they are provided with extra quilt and this gives the wearer extra comfort. These mens tuxedo-shoes come without lacings and thus it is important that you go with the perfect fit in order not to slip.

The next choice is the most popular one and chances are high that you already have these shoes in your wardrobe collection. The formal lace up mens tuxedo -shoes also widely known as the mens tuxedo oxford shoes have been in style since the 20th century and thus can be considered to be a classic. These oxford mens tuxedo -shoes come in both ready to wear version and the slip on version. The ready to wear oxford mens tuxedo-shoes are more preferred since they can fit a wide variety of foot shapes when compared to the slip on versions.

The lace ups are considered to be the best mens tuxedo-shoes and there are different styles available in them. While the oxford lace ups are the best the derbies, brogues, loafers are also available but since they resemble out daily wear most it is best to always stick with oxfords. Plain toe oxford mens tuxedo-shoes are considered to be one of the best mens formal tuxedo-shoes.

The wholecut mens tuxedo-shoes are another choice when you need to go with the classic and elegant pair of shoes to pair with your tuxedo. These wholecut mens tuxedo-shoes are cut from the single piece of leather giving them a clean look. If you are a person who likes simple styles then it is best for you to go with wholecut mens leather tuxedo shoes.

Red Velvet Shoes As we mentioned before patent leather and calfskin leather are the materials that are considered to be most appropriate for making of the mens tuxedo-shoes. These are the usual picks and give you a simple and appropriate look. But if you are looking for a grand style then we would recommend you to go with the velvet mens tuxedo-shoes. These shoes have a sheen about them that gives the outfit a slick and rich look. Thus if you like flashy styles then you can go with the mens tuxedo velvet shoes. Other than this the suede mens tuxedo-shoes are also gaining a lot of importance in the recent times. The mens suede tuxedo shoes are also made from leather but from the underside part of it making it softer and smoother than the original leather shoes. Depending on you style and personality you can choose the style of mens tuxedo shoes that would suit you best.

The next big detail that people note instantly on the mens tuxedo shoes is the color of it. Most of the time we style the tuxedos for the formal events like the black tie ones and for this you will have to go with the mens black tuxedo shoes. While the black mens tuxedo shoes are the standard choice but you can try out the mens brown tuxedo shoes and mens navy tuxedo shoes when you need a slightly casual style. Mens burgundy tuxedo shoes and cognac mens tuxedo shoes are also styles that are worth trying.