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Shawl collar tuxedos for men

There are a number of different styles when it comes to men's tuxedos online. If you are considering wearing a tuxedo for your wedding, then might as well go for the shawl collor tuxedos . For all those who get confused with the different collar styles and lapel styles in men's tuxedos, shawl collar tuxedos as the name suggests, features the lapels style collar which are also referred to as the roll and dinner collar.

  • Features of the shawl collar style

The shawl lapel suit was first introduced in the popular Vitoria smoking jacket for men. This unique styles collar became popular as more of a formal dress option, whereas the peak lapel and the notch lapel are considered more of semi-formal or casual style. When you consider the shape of shawl lapel, it is completely rounded without any points and notches. The shawl collar lapel starts from the collar and goes smoothly till the button of the jacket, completely covering and making classic V shape. Shawl collared suits and tuxedos are identified and remembered easily with the new V shaped pattern.

  • When should you consider wearing the shawl collar tuxedo / suit?

A Shawl collar tuxedo is usually suitable for formal events like Prom nights, wedding, Black tie events, business dinner and formal meetings. The Shawl lapel style on the tuxedo usually adds a good appearance to your personality and changes your look from an average dressed guy to a dapper secret agent. Shawl lapels are highly recommendable for a dinner suits and tuxedos. If you want to get dresses following the classic and traditional look, then shawl collar tuxedo is a perfect choice that any man will ever make.

  • Best color options to choose for shawl collar tuxedo for men

If you are confused about which color to choose for a shawl collar tuxedo, then blue is the color that will never go out of style? Adorn a classic look by wearing a blue shawl collar tuxedo. You can experiment with different shades of blue like the navy blue shawl collar tuxedo, midnight blue, light blue and so on. Blue is a color that is not as common as black, brown and grey. Hence a blue shawl color tuxedo is an ideal choice for new comers.

  • Buy Shawl collar tuxedos for men online

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