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Tiglio Suits: Fine European Cut Suit

If you are looking for european cut suit then look no further than Tiglio suits. Tiglio provides Italian men's clothing tailored from the finest European fabric.The designs are modern yet fashioned in the tradition of Master Italian tailors. Tiglio's design team is based in Firenze where they work diligently to innovate ideas combining luxury and elegance.

Each garment is keenly crafted with the greatest attention to detail. Consideration is given to an absolutely comfortable fit, the shape of the garment, and each finishing touch. The authentic italian fabrics that are used are lustrous to the touch and drape perfectly. The european cut suit of every garment is flattering and timeless, providing a style that is fashionable for decades to come. The shoulder treatment is fresh and neatly designed to give the appearance of stature without overstatement.

There are six distinct categories of the Tiglio collection.

Tiglio Luxe.

This european style suit and formal wear are luxuriously updated for those with discriminating taste. Each piece is tailored with a modern European fit, many of which can be acquired in stock.

Tiglio Luxe Slim Fit

The most recent addition to the growing Tiglio collection. Each piece is made in a slim fit design. The Fabrics and Linings are unique. Every garment has an attractive, slimming effect and you can find these with flat front ot pleated pants.

Tiglio Rosso

Updated seasonally, this collection provides luxurious High fashion mostly consisting of three piece european cut suit with a wide leg and vests conveying the feeling of tailored garments that are custom made.


This collection of suits, sports jackets and european style dress pants are luxurious indeed. They are crafted from the finest fabrics in the world. This includes Guabello, Reda, and Vitale Barberis fabrics. As well, fabrics from Canclini and Monti are used for dress shirts and sports shirts to complete the look.

Tiglio european cut suit are designed with details that you will only find in high-end quality garments. The designs are innovative and unique with rare finishings and linings. The fit is flattering yet remarkably comfortable. These garments are crafted for the gentleman who accepts nothing less than genuine Italian fashion.

We are passionate about the quality mens garments we provide. Shop from a large selection of Tiglio european style suit. We offer seasonal collections to suit your every need. Available sizes in select designs range from 38 to 52 regular and from 42 to 60 long. We have many colors and designs to choose from as well as unique finishes such as fastenings, buttons, and lapels.