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22 Inch Wide leg Slacks

Wide leg 22 inch pant suits are a very popular choice for a new suit. Just like their name states, wide leg suits have pants that are much wider than traditional suits. On average, the leg opening is around 22 inches which is the standard measurement for a wide leg pant. Wide leg suits are generally preferred by those men that like a loose fitting feel as opposed to a more fitted or skinny suit. Whether you choose a wide leg suit, traditional fit suit or a slim fit suit your choices are plenty and you will look your best with proper tailoring. Mens fashion suits come in a variety of styles and colors.

Wide leg suits generally come in styles with a 3 button jacket and then go up in number of buttons and length of the jacket. A long jacket is sometimes called a zoot suit because of the long jacket style. However, just because a suit jacket is long does not necessarily make it a zoot suit. Suits with long jackets are also referred to as fashion suits or Steve Harvey-style suits would also fall into this category as most Steve Harvey-style suits have wide leg slacks and more than 3 buttons. Steve Harvey-style suits generally have wide leg pants, a vest and at least 3 buttons. Wide leg slacks can also be purchased by themselves and as a stand alone item in your wardrobe. The typical wide leg slack leaves plenty of room in the thigh and leg area. The wide leg slacks we offer come in a variety of material and styles and are quite economical. The bright colored wide leg slacks are available in polyester which is a light weight and durable material. The more traditional colors can be found in wool or a wool blend and are acceptable for any occasion. A pair of wool wide leg slacks is both comfortable and durable. They can be worn all year around because wool breathes easily since it is a natural fiber. Wool wide leg slacks are a great choice when looking for a new addition to your wardrobe. Anytime a pair of slacks is needed why not reach for a pair of wide leg slacks!

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Wide leg 22 inch pant suits usually come with a vest. A vested suit is a great choice because it can be worn with or without a vest and comes in a variety of styles. Wide leg 22 inch pant suits are very stylish and come in the most styles that you could possibly imagine. From 4 button suits to 5 button suits are the much preferred suit of entertainers and businessmen alike. The jackets are longer than a traditional 2 or 3 button suit but have much more options such as styles and vests. Many of the wide leg 22 inch pant suits that we offer come with either a traditional vest, double breasted vest, or a lapeled vest. A lapeled vest is exactly as it sounds, it is a vest with a lapel like a suit. A lapeled vest is a great fashion statement and can be worn without a jacket and still look like a formal type outfit. A lapeled vest is a fresh take on a traditional vest and can be worn for many many occasions such as a wedding or a night out on the town.

Wide leg 22 inch pant suits are also a great choice for a wedding. The weddings of today have got to show style and the wide leg 22 inch pant suit is just the choice to make your wedding stand out from the crowd. This stye of suit is available in white and other wedding colors as well such as off-white and ivory. The wide leg 22 inch pant suit is also available in a variety of bright and vibrant colors such as royal blue, purple and red. You name the color and chances are that there is a wide leg 22 inch pant suit that is just right for you. The colors of the rainbow don’t even begin to touch the amount of colors that are available in these suits!

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