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Black Plaid Blazer

Blazer has become one of the modern staple in every mens wardrobe. But sadly men still stick to the basics of navy blazers and charcoal blazers while there are a million more styles to try out in the market. Thus in this article we forgo the basic styles of blazers and discuss the black plaid blazers which is a new style that you can try this season.

Black Blazer The plaid pattern is having a moment in the recent years. Starting from the formal garments like blazers the plaid pattern has also infiltrated the casual garments. If you are new to the style then you can go with plaid blazers since it is a surprisingly easy style to pull off. When paired with the versatile color like black which men are most comfortable with you can style the black plaid men's blazers easily.

The main advantage with the black plaid men's blazers is that they can be a versatile garment when you know to style it right. You can wear the black plaid men's blazer to your regular office day when paired with standard colored dress shirts and dress pants. You can also style the black plaid blazer as a casual style for semi formal and casual events.

The plaid pattern is one of the oldest patterns associated with menswear. It has a rich history and is one of the prevailing patterns for a long time. Thus if you want to try out a patterned garment then you can go with black plaid men's blazer. There are a lot of styles in plaids that offer different looks and thus it is best for you to spend some time in finding the right plaid that works for you.

Black Plaid Wool Blazer The Buffalo black plaid blazer is one of the standard styles that you can try when you need a black plaid casual blazer. These blazers consists of large blocks that is formed by the intersection of two different colors. They are mostly available in red and black or white and black. This plaid pattern is in existence from the mid 19th century and is still one of the most popular styles. These were exclusively wool black plaid men's blazers but in recent times they are available in different colors and materials. Because of the large blocks that ranges from one and half inches to six inches they are mostly recommended for casual use rather than formal use.

The next style of black plaid men's blazer that is one of the most popular is the gingham black plaid men's blazer. The gingham pattern is also the same as the Buffalo plaids but are of smaller range. The blocks of the gingham black plaid men's blazers are small with the blocks ranging not more than quarter inch. The gingham pattern is even more old than the Buffalo plaids with going back to the 17th century. The black plaid checkered blazers mostly come in white and Black pattern. Because of the small blocks and the neat look the gingham black plaid men's blazers are considered to be one of the most popular among the black plaid formal blazers.

Black plaid Tartan blazer is among the oldest of the plaid patterns and one which has a rich history. They have a Scottish origin and the different tartans were first formed to indicate the different Scottish clans. The tartan pattern consists of horizontal and vertical bands that run through each other and come in multiple color. The tartan pattern mostly comes in bright colors and in wool material. When you need a casual garment that can make you stand out among the crowd because of its traditional look then it is best to go with tartan black plaid men's blazer.

double Breasted Suit Windowpane Blazer

Black plaid Windowpane blazer is a great style when you want a subtle looking garment. The windowpane black plaid men's blazer is named such since the pattern features stripes that cross each other which resembles the window panes in the old windows. As mentioned before the windowpane pattern looks more subtle when compared to the other smaller busier patterns. You can style the windowpane black plaid men's blazers for both formal and casual events given that you style it right.

Other than the traditional plaid patterns you can go with distinct styles of plaid patterns like black plaid houndstooth blazer. The houndstooth black plaid men's blazers consists of broken checks or some four pointed shapes. The houndstooth plaid fashion have records of it from the early 1900s. The houndstooth black plaid men's blazer mostly comes in alternating light and dark bands that are woven in simple twill pattern. The houndstooth black plaid blazers are still a casual style and it is best to style these blazers for events like date nights and casual dinners.

Glen black plaid blazers are also widely known as prince of Wales check black plaid blazers. This pattern gives the blazer a formal look and even are found widely in the suits. This pattern consists of broken checks that are formed by alternating dark and light stripes. They mostly come with black paired with a contrasting muted color like white or beige.

The details on the black plaid men's blazers play an important role in the look that it projects. For example a single breasted black plaid blazer can be a great formal and casual style based on how you style it. But when it comes to black plaid double breasted blazer they give of a formal vibe that makes it hard to style for casual events. As for the type of lapels you can go with peak lapel black plaid men's blazer or notch lapel black plaid men's blazer.

The fit of the black plaid men's blazer is an important detail to note. Patterned garments tend to attract more attention and thus you need the styling to be perfect. Black plaid Slim fit blazers and classic fit black fit blazers are good choices for a formal look. Black plaid Skinny fit blazer is a versatile style that you can style to both formal and casual style.