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When we buy a garment there are some rules to style it which is especially true with formal ones like tuxedos and suits. But with time the rules have been blurred and which ever style looks good gets a green flag in the fashion world. Same looks to be try with tuxedos. Tuxedos are usually worn as a complete set with the dress shirt and the bow tie but now you can style the garment as separates according to the style you prefer. Thus tuxedo men's coat jacket becomes one of the style favorite among men who like to try on different styles. In this article we dicuss the tuxedo coat jackets and some of the new ways to style the garment.

Tuxedo men's coat jacket is a formal style garment and thus a certain level of knowledge in styling the current trends is needed to style it as smart casual or casual outfit. The reason why the tuxedo men's coat jackets are being styled as a separate in a seemingly increasing fashion is that they look good with most garments given that they are styled right. Apart from that tuxedos are not cheap in price but there are very few events that require men to be dressed in tuxedos. These events happen once or twice a year and other than the tuxedos sit idling in your wardrobe. Thus styling the tuxedo men's coat jackets with other garments for semi formal and casual events comes as a welcome choice since it means that you will get the most out of the money that you spend on the tuxedo.

The tuxedo coat jackets also come in extra long looks which is a look that is suitable for formal and traditional weddings. But the formal tuxedo coat jacket is the one that comes in the perfect length when you purchase a tuxedo. This usual length of tuxedo men's coat jacket is the best to style since it is of the same length as the suit jackets.

As for styling the tuxedo men's coat jacket here are some ideas that we think will help you in the process. The usual tuxedo style that you should wear to the formal events is the tuxedo men's coat jacket with marching satin striped tuxedo pants which are then paired with a dress shirt and a bow tie. This look will work for any formal event starting from the black tie event to the red carpet events. The color of the tuxedo coat jacket is important since it showcases the formality of the outfit. Black tuxedo coat jacket paired with sleek black satin trousers is a good look and you can contrast it with a white dress shirt and a black bow tie. For a still more refined look you can add a pocket square, a vest or a cummerbund. You can complete the look with a pair of black patent leather oxfords. This is the classic style that has been the norm for formal events. You can also try out other dark colored ones like navy tuxedo coat jacket and charcoal tuxedo coat jacket when you need a formal look but want something different than the usual black tuxedo men's coat jacket.

Other than this traditional look of the tuxedo men's coat jacket you can also try out the smart casual and casual looks. For a bold look go with brighter colors of tuxedo men's coat jacket. For example a burgundy tuxedo men's coat jacket with a white dress shirt and burgundy dress pants is a cool look that you can wear to summer events. The lapel on the tuxedo men's coat jacket is the signature style of the garment and thus you can go with variations of that to acquire a different look. For example a shawl lapel red tuxedo men's coat jacket with black lapels paired with a white dress shirt, black dress pants and black long tie is a good option for men who like the bold colors on a minimal fashion in their outfit. For a laid back look you can pair the outfit with black velvet slippers or loafers.

For a smart casual styling of the tuxedo men's coat jacket you should dress down the formal tuxedo men's coat jacket. The mix of the formal garment like tuxedo men's coat jacket with a casual garment like jeans can turn the focus of the viewer in a good way given that it is styled right. A gray peak lapel tuxedo men's coat jacket with a black silk dress shirt and black denim is a subtle look to start with. When you go with this styling keep the casual garment as smart as possible that the contrast of it with the tuxedo men's coat jacket is not very vast to start with. Go with well fitting, slim cut denim which will pair well with the tuxedo men's coat jacket. For a distinct look you can pair the notch lapel tuxedo coat jacket with a patterned shirt and a dark indigo denim. As for the shoes you can pair the outfit with stylish loafers so as to a create a good balance of the outfit.

If you are attending a casual summer wedding like a beach wedding then you can introduce a lot more styles into the outfit that you are styling. Pairing the tuxedo men's coat jacket with vibrant colored trousers might turn heads but in a good way. Make the trousers the statement piece by keeping the color of the tuxedo men's coat jacket subtle and then adding a plain t-shirt.

Other than the solid tuxedo men's coat jackets you can try out the patterned ones for a little more distinct look. Striped tuxedo coat jacket and a windowpane tuxedo coat jacket are good choices when you need a formal look. Floral tuxedo coat jacket or Paisley tuxedo coat jackets are good choices when you need a dressy look for weddings and dinner parties. Whichever the style you go with tuxedo men's coat jacket will be sure to gather attention. Thus go with slim fit tuxedo coat jacket or classic fit tuxedo men's coat jacket that perfectly accentuates your body type.