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Men's Tuxedo Costume

Truth be told there aren't many events where you can wear a tuxedo without getting some pointed looks. Therefore you might be wondering on how to use the tuxedo in your wardrobe other than the family weddings. In that case we are here to show you some ideas on how you can use the tuxedos as costumes for Halloween or costume parties with style. In this article we discuss the tuxedo Men's costumes and some of the ideas which might help you bring it out of your closet.

Shawl Lapel Tuxedo When you want to dress up for a costume party you might think on dressing in a costume that people can recognise. In that case there is no better choice than James Bond. The long running classic has fans all over the world. Apart from the storyline another attraction that tends to pull fans towards the James Bond series is the character's most iconic wardrobe choices. The man rocks both formal and casual styles with an ease that is truly amazing. Though it is a fictional character the James Bond has a hold among the most devoted fans. Thus it might be a great choice if you dress up in James Bond tuxedo Men's costume. While the character is mostly seen in suits there will be a scene in every movie in which he will rock the tuxedo style. Here are some ideas on how to get his signature look.

When you need a classy outfit that looks like you are wearing it for a special occasion then you can go with the tuxedo Men's costume of the first James Bond film Dr. No which came out in 1962. This shawl lapel tuxedo Men's costume consists of a outfit that is paired with a white pleated shirt front with buttons that are visible. If you are a person who would prefer going with studs instead of buttons then you can go with the studded dress shirt. When you go with the formal style of the tuxedo Men's costumes it is better to go with the hidden fly or studs rather than the buttons style that is visible. Another main thing to note in this tuxedo Men's costume is the tie. In any James Bond tuxedo Men's costume the bow tie is one of the most distinguishing factors and thus for an authentic replication you will have to take note of it carefully. For this tuxedo costume he seems to be wearing a batwing bow tie that is made from satin silk and is slim pointed. The satin silk of the now tie matches with the facing in the shawl lapel of the tuxedo.

Zoot Suit Tuxedo For a more relaxed type of look you can opt to go with the Roger Moore tuxedo Men's costume. He is seen wearing a satin faced notch lapel tuxedo costume and with the same type of pleated white shirt and batwing bow tie as Sean Connery. The notch lapel tuxedos are considered to be less dressy when compared with shawl lapel tuxedos. In another scene Roger Moore is seen wearing a off white silk tuxedo jacket. This off white tuxedo costume is a great choice for costume events since it can capture the attention easily. He pairs this off white tuxedo style with a wide pleated white tuxedo shirt with the buttons showing and a huge butterfly bow tie. While the butterfly bow tie might be over the top for formal events it might be the signature piece for costume events. This double breasted tuxedo costume consists of 6 mother of pearls buttons and he wears it with a pair of black tuxedo pants.

For a laid back modern look you can opt to go with piece Brosnan style of James Bond tuxedo costume. He wore a black tuxedo costume that is paired with white tuxedo shirt with studs. The front of the tuxedo jacket is too deep showing 4 studs. He also pairs the look with a butterfly bow tie. If you are a type who likes the rogue James Bond style then you might want to try out the Timothy Dalton style. He is considered to be the most poorly dressed James Bond since the tuxedos that he wore lacked elegance. In 007 he is seen wearing a black 2 piece tuxedo Men's costume with white tuxedo shirt and clip on suspenders. He is void of the vest or cummerbund and has a exposed waistline which is unacceptable.

For a truly dashing look you can go with the tuxedo Men's costume of Sean Connery in goldfinger. The ivory tuxedo costume features peak lapels and is paired with a white pleated tuxedo shift and a black bow tie. In this tuxedo Men's costume he skips the pocket square and instead opts for a red boutonniere. The iconic casino Royale tuxedo Men's costume is still a great choice. Black peak lapel tuxedo Men's costume paired with the white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black patent leather shoes is a classic tuxedo costume look. You can also opt to choose the midnight blue tuxedo costume look of James Bond in skyfall and then pair it with studded white tuxedo shirt and a open bow tie.

Which ever the tuxedo costume that you choose you should note that all the tuxedos that James Bond featured were of a perfect time for that time. Thus take extra care in selecting the perfect fit of the outfit. Slim fit tuxedo costume might be one of the best choices when you need a clean look. Other than that you can also choose to go with the classic fit tuxedo costume or modern fit tuxedo costume. The main thing to note is the comfort of the wearer.

When you want to ditch the vintage tuxedo Men's costume and would like to go with the modern ones then you can take Daniel Craig tuxedo Men's costume styles as inspiration. Daniel Craig in skyfall rocks a navy tuxedo costume which has the contrasting shawl lapel and is paired with a studded white tuxedo shirt and slim black bow tie.