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Two-Buttons-Black-SuitJames Bond costume though being a fictional character has influenced a great deal when it comes to mens fashion. Men of all age groups are attracted to the charismatic character and no one would refuse that the man has inexplicable style when it comes to suits. Now there may be atleast one time when you would have browsed his style and have bounced back silently seeing the price tag. Some of them even reach upto 5000 dollars and not everyone can easily afford this price range. But the good news is that you can wear this style without burning your pockets. Dressing like James Bond does not mean you should always go for high end brands but can also follow the style while spending within your budget.

The first rule of dressing like groom suit is that to stick with solid colors - mostly. There are exceptions but mostly he sticks with plain blacks, greys or midnight blues especially with tuxedos. When it comes to tuxedos you can go with shawl collars. Shawl collars are classic James Bond style when he visits the parties with a champagne glass in hand. Also the tuxedo should be paired with a nice bow tie. This completes the elevated look and the dominant yet elegant look he carries.

T One of the major thing you will have to keep in mind while trying out this look is the fit of the suit. pinstripe suit never slacks in the outfits he wears whatever be the case. This perfect style aids his charisma and gives him a mysterious look that is fitting for the character. So some of the ideas for the fitting of the outfit is discussed here.

Two-Buttons-Black-Suit When it comes to jackets you will have to get a higher cut armhole which allows you to move naturally without displacing the 3 button suits since the unnecessary space or cloth is avoided. This higher armhole gives the wearer an elegant tapered silhouette which is flattering.

The jacket should be of ideal fit that is not too tight or too loose. The material should naturally flow along your body without catching too tight. The chest area should have enough drape which then continues to a tapered waist. This is the ideal look for a mens jacket. The james bond costume that you don should move with you naturally and should not pull at the sides. Any thing that is tight will be very uncomfortable, would wear out soon and most importantly not something a spy would opt to wear if he expects a lot of physical activities.

Two-Button-Grey-Lined-Suit Now for the trousers it should sit at your natural waistline. It should be comfortable enough to sit and move around. If you are expecting Bond like activities make sure that the fit is not too close around the seat and thigh portion. A tapered fit of the trousers will aid a clean looking silhouette and also allows you to freely move. As long as the suit that you wear does not restrict your movements then it is good to go.