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Hitman Costume

If you are a person who is into video games then you might have come across hitman at some point of your life. The stealth based game is one of the most popular series and continue to be so. Now when the Halloween nears or you have a invite to a costume party then you may wonder on deciding on a perfect garment. Here we suggest you to go with the popular hitman costume since the iconic look is almost impossible to miss. In this article it discuss the hitman costume and how best to style it for the event.

2 Button Suit The long running franchise of the hitman series started out first in 2000 and is getting updates on a regular basis. The game has the center character of hitman codename 47 who is a genetically developed human globe who works for a Europe based contract killing organisation. Agent 47 completes missions that are given to him to assassinate wealthy criminals all over the world. Now when it comes to the hitman men's costume the dress code is almost same for all the updates. The signature suit of the hitman men's costume features a black suit that is paired with a red tie and white dress shirt.

The simplicity of the hitman costume is the reason why it is most preferred by the people. In the busy world it might be impossible to take some solid time to decide on a fancy outfit for the costume parties or Halloween. This is where the hitman men's costume scores since you can almost pick out the outfit from your existing wardrobe making it a easy job. Since gathering the outfit is the easier part of the hitman men's costume you will have to focus on the details of the outfit to make it look like you tried putting together this outfit.

As mentioned before there are a lot of updates in the hitman franchise and the outfit is almost same in all the updates. But the details of the suit and the accessories tend to vary this making you get options on deciding the perfect style of hitman men's costume for you. Apart from the video game there is also a movie that features the same character but with a different specific storyline.

Grey Lined Suit The hitman character starts out from the asylum where the agent 47 wears patient clothing. He then changes into a suit prepared by the doctor to disguise and then escapes the asylum. After getting out he ditches the suit for an orderly outfit but after a year seems to have gathered a liking for the suit and seen in the same kind of outfit all through the franchise.

In hitman codename 47 to hitman blood money the agent 47 seems to have been wearing the same kind of outfit without much changes in the details. For getting this agent 47 hitman men's costume you just have to get a notch lapel black suit and pair it with a black striped white dress shirt. The two piece black suit has its jacket feature two buttons. The ensemble should be paired with the signature red tie and black gloves. The red tie might be a solid one or you can go with any patterned ones since the pattern on the tie seems to vary with game.

In hitman absolution the same kind of outfit is maintained but with little changes. The black notch lapel hitman men's costume is the same but in the in game text the suit jacket is said to have a single button but in the animation the jacket seems to have the same 2 buttons. The major change comes with the dress shirt since the old striped shirt is replaced with a white cotton French cuff shirt which is plain. In this version the agent 47 mostly wears a solid red tie but is sometimes seen wearing a black tie or forgoes the tie option itself. This 2 button hitman costume also includes cuff links and tie clips that feature in it the hitman insignia.

Grey Hitman Suit The latest update that came out in 2019 is considered to be one of the best of the series and this features the hitman receiving a costume update. This update has a lot of costumes for the hitman that you can unlock as the game professes. The game even features a hitman 3 piece costumeand this is a great deal since the usual 2 piece black suit of the hitman costume is getting an update.

When you style the hitman men's costume for the Halloween or any party make sure that you give some time to get the details right since it is a simple outfit that can easily get ignored. Keep the basic styling simple with a black 2 button suit hitman men's costume with a white dress shirt, black flat front pants and a solid burgundy tie. To get the styling right you can add a pair of black leather fingerless gloves, black leather belt and black dress shoes. If you are really into styling the hitman men's costume to perfection then you can get a temporary barcode tattoo and a black toy pistol. Going with the perfect detailing of the bodyguard hitman men's costume will make you instantly recognisable and give you a great outfit without exerting much effort in your part.

The black hitman costume is the iconic one but if you want to change the look a little or is unavailable of black suit at the moment you can simply go with a dark green hitman men's costume or charcoal grey hitman men's costume. The black hitman men's costume suit might be of wool material is any other lightweight ones. Flannel hitman men's costume or worsted wool hitman men's costume might be a good choice for chilly places while you can opt to go with hitman cotton costume or hitman linen costume for a comfortable summer or spring style. Most of the time people choose to go with fully lined hitman costumes but if you are uncomfortable you can go with partially lined ones.