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Mens Tuxedo Vest

If you have been thinking of styling the tuxedo then you should definitely include a tuxedo vest to the mix since it is the conventional choice. If you are a cummerbund guy, then you might not choose the tuxedo vest. The mens tuxedo vest is a great choice for the people who want a classy and sophisticated look. While choosing the tuxedo vest, there are a few things that you should note. Also there are a lot of styles in the mens tuxedo vests even though they might seem like a standard garment. In this article we would like to discuss more about the tuxedo vest and how you can style them in different ways.

Wedding Vest Adding a tuxedo vest or cummerbund to the tuxedo outfit is one of the traditional principles for the standard tuxedo outfits. This is because of the fact that the vest or the cummerbund covers the working parts of the tuxedo which is the waistband of the tuxedo pants. It would provide you with a cool and complete look which is important for the formal garment like a tuxedo. Sometimes people go without the tuxedo vest or cummerbund and it is considered to be a modern look. But if there is a formal event like black tie ones involved, it would be best to include the tuxedo vest.

As we mentioned before, there are different styles of the tuxedo vest. If you are looking for a standard choice, then go with the solid black tuxedo vest with the V neck. These tuxedo vests tend to show above the tuxedo jacket when it is buttoned. But if you want a more sophisticated look, then we would suggest you to go with the U cut tuxedo vest. The low cut of these U neck tuxedos make the vests to completely disappear under the buttoned tuxedo jacket.

These standard tuxedo vests come with the buttons on the front with the back full. But there are also styles of mens tuxedo vest sets that come without the back and with the straps. With these strapped tuxedo vests you can adjust the fit of these vests according to your need. But with the classic tuxedo vests you should make sure that the fit of the vest is perfect. The tuxedo vest is the most fitting garment in menswear. The fit of the mens tuxedo vest should be in a way that they lie close to the body of the wearer but without restricting the movements. Thus it would be best if you try on the garment before you make the pick.

Grey Vest While the classic tuxedo vests are the most preferred, you can also choose to go with the contemporary ones. For example, if you are looking for an outfit that would get you some attention then you should think of going with the velvet tuxedo vest. Usually people choose the wool or wool blend tuxedo vests but a sophisticated style like velvet Tuxedo vest would give you a great look.

To start with the contemporary styles, it would be best to start with the patterned ones. Instead of the usual solid tuxedo vests, try including a patterned vest. To start slow we would suggest you to go with the striped tuxedo vest. This is because of the fact that the stripes are much simpler than the other patterns and are also easier to style. When you choose pinstripe tuxedo vests, then it would look blended in and like a solid garment when viewed from a distance. This makes it perfect for a person who is wanting to try out the patterned garment for the first time.

The next style of the patterned tuxedo vests that you should consider is the plaid tuxedo vest. The plaid pattern has been a favorite in menswear for quite a long time now. The plaid pattern is almost everywhere like the stripes. Also there are various styles in the plaid and when you choose the right style and right color, you can style them with almost any garments. As for pairing with the tuxedos it would be best if the tuxedo vest is dark colored and subtly patterned. Thus while choosing the tuxedo vest pattern, make sure that you find a style that would look appropriate to be worn with the tuxedos.

Tuxedo Vest While these are some of the standard patterns, there are few patterns which would give your tuxedo outfit a richer look. For example, our first choice would be the paisley patterned tuxedo vests. This is the most preferred choice by people who want their look to be elegant. Gold patterned or silver patterned Paisley black tuxedo vests would be our recommendation for your tuxedo outfit.

Other than this you can also go with the mens floral tuxedo vests. This would offer you a similar look to the paisley tuxedo vests but are more casual and trendy. If you are trying the look for the first time, make sure that the floral pattern is small since the bigger ones can be flashy.

While these are some of the common choices of the tuxedo vests, there are contemporary versions that are rare to be found in the standard wardrobes of the people. For example, camo tuxedo vests paired with the tuxedos would offer a mix of the formal and casual look. Other than this, you can also choose the western tuxedo vest when you like country styles.

While choosing the prom tuxedo vests, it is best to consider the type of the event you are attending. For example, if it is a formal event then it is best to stick with the formal tuxedo vest style. But if it is a formal western style event, then you can include the western tuxedo vest. Apart from styling them with the tuxedos, you can also style them as separates with other combining garments. Both solid tuxedo vests and patterned tuxedo vests would look great when styled with relevant combining garments.